How to Get out of the Grip

“Would you please do a post on how to get out of the grip of your inferior functions?”

Hmm, funny. I was going to do a post on this independently of your question (great minds think alike). Actually, forget I said that. Great minds pride themselves on thinking differently.

There are multiple ways you can pull yourself out of your grip functions, but heres the basic method.

#1 Accept that you’re in the grip

It goes without saying that Continue reading

Why You Need two Introverted and Extroverted Functions

Why You Need two Introverted and Extroverted Functions

Question: “Why do you have to have two extroverted functions and two introverted functions? Couldn’t someone have all introverted or extraverted functions?” Continue reading

ENTJ in the Grip

Can you explain what you meant when you said Falstaff is an ENTJ “in the grip?”

A little more on that grip-idea –as it relates specifically to ENTJs.

When an ENTJ stops utilizing his upper functions (Te-Ni) to their full capacity, he is prone to a rather unique problem. He tends to get stuck in his lower functions, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, because rather than being a doer, who plans and visualizes what he wants his life to be, be becomes something else entirely.

He turns lazy, and laziness never made and ENTJ happy Continue reading