Greta Müller: ESFP

Generation War / Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

Greta Muller ESFP | #generation war #MBTI #ESFP

Se: Greta uses her body to get what she wants as well as to protect the people she cares about. She starts an affair with Dorn to get Viktor a safe ride out of Germany and to protect herself from incitement charges. She is the performer of her friend circle and loves to be in the spotlight. She tends to be a bit impatient and likes to jump into things hastily. She likes swing and modernism.

Greta Muller ESFP | #generation war #MBTI #ESFP

Fi: Greta’s emotions change quickly and she is deeply traumatized when Charly forces her to help tend a wounded soldier. She is arrested for speaking out about her doubts for the war (“subversion of the war effort”). She cares deeply about the people who are important to her and willingly sacrifices things for them (like having an affair with Dorn to save Viktor). She doesn’t care that her relationship with Viktor is a racial shame.

Greta Muller ESFP | #generation war #MBTI #ESFP

Ni: Greta is ambitious to the point that she will do nearly anything to succeed as a singer (including having an affaire with a man who has an inside footing in the business). She knows her strengths and uses them strategically to get what she wants, but doesn’t always think about the long-term dangers of doing so (like…hmmm… maybe this relationship will get abusive).

Greta Muller ESFP | #generation war #MBTI #ESFP

Te: Greta values information primarily for its usefulness. When she is arrested, she reveals that she is pregnant to try to get Dorn to let her go. However, because she doesn’t fully think through things before she acts, this only results in her getting beaten until she passes out.


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