Tyler Hoechlin: ESFP

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Tyler Hoechlin ESFP | Actors #MBTI #ESFP

Se: The first thing you recognize about Hoechlin is how utterly physical he is—and by this, I’m not referring to how athletic he looks. I mean how conscious you are about all of his movements, even the small ones. While talking, he engages his whole body in the conversation or in what he’s saying, and there won’t be a moment where he’s just sitting/standing without doing much of anything else; he will either be stepping around, shifting his weight from one leg to another, move his head, smile, gesture with his arms, scratch, make wide movements, wiggle his eyebrows, etc all the time. His eyes are always wide and alert-looking, like he’s constantly scanning his environment for little clues, to suck up as many information as possible from there. He seems to be invested in his surroundings and aware of every small detail of it. He’s clearly an opportunist, willing to try out new things for the experience—according to him, at the age of 8-9, he was offered a role in a commercial and he thought, “why not, that would be fun”. His dominant Se plays a role in the way he acts/depicts characters; e.g. he unconsciously made Derek Hale’s character extremely physical, to the extent that it could be hard for typers who go for stereotypes/are inexperienced/beginners to tell apart Derek’s dom Te from his tert Se, because Hale’s character is also a very strong Se user. Hoechlin’s biggest passion has always been baseball.

Tyler Hoechlin ESFP | Actors #MBTI #ESFP

Fi: Besides his physicality, his permanent full-teeth smile that could even put the Cheshire Cat to shame is what people recognize first on him. Tyler has a really nice and warm attitude to him that makes him lovable for other people. His kind nature compliments his attractive looks, which people seem to love a lot about him. He can’t hide/fake emotions—it’s really easy to spot in an interview when he would be anywhere but, or when his smile serves merely as a mask to preserve his outer image, because he knows that is what expected of him. He tends to have an humble attitude to him, but he’s also confident. Tyler used to have social anxiety as a child whenever he was separated from his mother. Apparently Hoechlin is adept at inspiring people with positive energy and mutual enjoyment, and he seems to have a need to share experiences with other people. Tyler is an empathetic, philanthropist individual with a tendency to put others before himself out of genuine generosity.

Tyler Hoechlin ESFP | Actors #MBTI #ESFP

Te: Tyler is a very hard worker and will do anything to get things done. He realized he wanted to be an actor at the age of 13, hence during high school and the first year of college, he had a job as an actor. He has a preference for S over T, hence he’s a dominant Perceiver, but on occasion, he wants to get some kind of result out of what he’s doing/working on, however, he still prefers it when that certain activity is stimulating for his dominant Se and lives up to its expectations. Hoechlin will work on more than one project simultaneously when the situation calls for it (see: in the previously mentioned period of time he went to school, attended baseball practice, then went to work on the TV show). When he was asked to give advice to those wanting to start off their career as an actor, he went for listing practical advices instead of offering emotional support; he was also brutally honest about facts and didn’t try to sugarcoat anything.


Ni: Hoechlin is ambitious and works towards his goals with clear determination whenever needed. He had ambitions of having an acting career before the age of 13 as well, but that was the first time that his dream seemed to have actual potential, thus he started to deliberately work on it after then (this is his S-preference playing into his choice). When he’s invested in something, he sticks with it for long periods of time—this even meaning decades, or shaping his entire life in accordance to that one concept. He seems to settle for few ideas and then morph his time/life in advance to those; he has singular focus.

Author’s Notes: I don’t know him personally, so I might as well be wrong about him… but based on interviews and his habits/behaviours, this type seems to be the most plausible for Tyler.


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