Pokémon– Kenny: ENFJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Dominant Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Kenny puts others’ emotions before his own. He commiserates with Dawn when she doesn’t make the battle rounds of a contest, even when he qualifies. He also doesn’t put pressure on his Pokemon when they lose battles, preferring to take the blame for himself instead. Kenny tries hard to conceal his feelings for Dawn, as he is unsure how she (or Ash or Brock) will receive them; his main recourse is to tease Dawn about her nickname (“Dee Dee”). When he lets slip certain indicators of how he feels (and Dawn doesn’t notice), he resorts to desperate measures to keep Ash quiet. Upon meeting Ash and Brock, he makes sure to get in their good books right away (by telling funny stories about Dawn), and he befriends Barry, a trainer from his hometown, immediately upon meeting him.

Auxiliary Introverted Intuition (Ni): Kenny is very focused on Pokemon contests. When eliminated from the Grand Festival, he immediately starts training for the next one (which is a year away). He never contemplates the possibility of losing, and always hopes for a final match against Dawn whenever the two of them are competing together. Kenny finds it hard to give up on his crush on Dawn, even devising a scheme to get Dawn to travel with him instead of with Ash. Kenny has a tendency to stake a whole contest performance on a single move or combination, which will make or break his showing.

Tertiary Extroverted Sensing (Se): Kenny is constantly showing off his Pokemon, even when not competing in a contest. He can react well to new situations in battles, even when caught off guard. Kenny can have a competitive streak (in a friendly way); he challenges Dawn to see who would qualify for the Grand Festival first. Kenny is shown to be most afraid when the physical reality is distorted (e.g. by a Pokemon attack). Kenny’s eagerness to make his performance as impressive as possible backfires at times; when competing in the Grand Festival, he overestimates the capabilities of his Pokemon when displaying his “fusion move” at the Grand Festival, leading to his early elimination.

Inferior Introverted Thinking (Ti): When faced with a stressful situation (such as an attack from Team Rocket), Kenny analyzes the situation rather than jumping right into action. However, he rarely comes up with any viable solution. Under normal circumstances, Kenny doesn’t really make room for logic except when it meshes with emotions (Fe-Ti); for instance, he understands perfectly well when Ash tells him that a trainer can’t be afraid when under attack, or else his Pokemon will be afraid as well.



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