Character Driven vs Plot Driven Stories – My Take

INeverForgetPromises asked: if you were reading a literary work, what would hook you more, a plot-driven story or a character-driven story? Do you prefer complex plots with subplots in them or a simple plot with something deep underneath (take hills like white elephants for example)?

Im sorry if I’m asking too many questions, its just that I want to pick at your brain a little bit. Plus, you kinda remind me of my INTJ best friend :)


I personally prefer character driven stories –however, a good character driven story is always going to have a good plot in my mind. If you look at any piece of Shakespeare’s work, for instance, you’ll realise that every last bit of it is character driven.

Any story that has an interesting and well developed character facing a good conflict will necessarily end up having both an amazing plot and excellent characters.
The Ender’s Game Series is also a character driven storyline, but there is no absence of complex plots and subplots. I could think of a million other examples, but I’ll leave it at that.
I love complex plots, but if the character’s are boring the plot becomes empty (so…all of Dan Brown and James Dashner’s work).


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