Pokémon – Barry: ESTP

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Barry is notoriously hyperactive. He runs when anyone else would walk, and he does not look where he is going, often colliding with Ash when they meet. His battling style is flashy and very aggressive. He attacks with abandon, and he builds up his Pokemon’s speed so as to land hits fast. Barry has no concept of gradualism, asserting that he wants to be the best trainer there is in the least possible time. Similarly, in individual battles, he is often overconfident, stating that nothing can or will stop him from winning. Barry is extremely competitive and wants to prove himself through head-to-head battles. He maintains that data used to analyze trainers is useless if not constantly kept up-to-date, as trainers’ strengths and strategies change constantly.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Barry will evaluate the strategies he sees based on how logically sound they are. Barry has strong ideas about what should happen in any particular battle and will get thrown off if his opponent does something he doesn’t expect (though his Se allows him to recover quickly from his surprise). When his Empoleon is injured from some unknown source, Barry vows to “get to the bottom of this” and find out what’s going on.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Barry is very expressive with his emotions; he has no trouble smiling when he’s happy, yelling when he’s angry, and crying when he’s sad. Although he resents when Ash “runs into him” (actually, it’s the other way around) he will cut Ash some slack if he’s in a good mood (such as when he’s just come up with a winning strategy for an upcoming battle). Barry has two important role models, both of whom are very respected: his father, Palmer, and Paul. Both are strong trainers, and he craves approval from both of them. Barry believes in raising Pokemon with respect, and he refuses to believe that Paul doesn’t do the same.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Although Barry is easily distracted, he always keeps one eye on the Sinnoh League. When battling or training, he can keep focused on what he’s doing. While Barry doesn’t often predict individual moves, he is good at discerning general strategies (and he even sometimes gives battle instructions to his Pokemon in the form of strategies rather than moves). When watching a Pokemon battle, he can predict a trainer’s next move if it is central to his or her strategy (like Conway’s use of Power Trick against Ash). Instead of preparing for every trainer he faces, Barry concentrates on Paul, who is the strongest in his opinion.



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