Miss Havisham: ISTJ

Guest post by Key Lime Pi, INFP

Great Expectations


Si: Miss Havisham is fixated on the past, so much so that she keeps her entire house exactly as it was on the day of her canceled wedding, even as it disintegrates around her. She approaches her entire life based on her experience with tragedy in love, trusting a select few people (Estella, Mr. Jaggers, Pip) and raising Estella for the sole purpose of breaking the hearts of men. However, she still allows a few visitors whom she knows from her past, like Miss Camilla, even if she doesn’t like them.


Te: Miss Havisham’s life has one goal — to get revenge on men for her broken heart — and she organizes her entire life around that goal. She talks freely of her plans to anyone who will listen, even pointing out exactly where her body will lie on her dining table. From birth, Estella is constantly reminded of her mission in life and coached in how to lead Pip on.


Fi: Miss Havisham’s world fell apart when the man she loved jilted her on her wedding day, and she never emotionally recovered from the rejection. In her anguish, she is completely comfortable with living a life apart from society and societal norms. Although she distrusts most people, she still needs companionship in her solitude, so she adopts a baby girl she can raise to accept her way of life. When Pip becomes distraught at hearing Estella is getting married to Drummond, Miss Havisham sees in him the pain she experienced and immediately regrets causing that pain through Estella.


Ne: Miss Havisham is somewhat future oriented in that her life is focused around a future solution to her disappointment. However, this is accomplished by a method she knows will work based on personal experience (dom Si). Her inferior Ne is not developed enough to give her any desire to leave her house or have new experiences.