Can you be two types?

Dina asked: Hi! I have taken many different personality tests (keeping in mind, they probably weren’t, individually, very accurate), and half the time I got ENTJ and the other half INTJ. I did much more research (a good deal of which was on this site) in order to get a better idea of which I was more affiliated with.

My question is, is it possible or even probable for someone to be directly between types? I seem to fit into bits of either depending on the category (communication, Leadership, emotions, etc.) Thanks for humoring me! Godspeed!

p.s. This site is the most in-depth and well thought out that I found so far. Bravo!


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2 thoughts on “Can you be two types?

  1. tenia la misma pregunta, desde siempre he tenido un problema con eso de encasillar mi personalidad por que normalmente soy de grupos distintos grupos, pero también opte por centrarme entre ambos ISFP y ENTP


  2. I think you can, for me I got both ENTJ and INTJ too. I think it might depends on situation for which different types of you will show on different situation. Or maybe you are an ambivert, a person who can be both ex and introvert.


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