Another question already answered

Hot Chocolate asked: What do you think Christopher Nolan’s personality type is?


Did you look in the Character Directory?


One thought on “Another question already answered

  1. Since your ‘Ask an INTJ Anything’ is closed because nobody has done anything about that hole in the spacetime continuum, and I want to read a new and hopefully reliable information, let me ask my question here: have you encountered an INTJ 8w7, a literary character?

    And in case you are thinking of just simply answering my question with ‘yes’ and do something more productive with your time, may I also ask you to describe that character and justify?

    Lastly, this is not for a homework or a report. I am seriously looking for a content related to INTJ 8w7 without having to screen delusions and fantasies about them.

    Thank you.


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