Christopher Nolan: INTJ

Christopher Nolan INTJ | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #INTJ

Ni: His films function as both entertainment and symbolism extreme. They all have strong moral messages He plans his work long term before he ever actually starts working on them as movies. For instance, he planned and wrote Inception for 10 whole years before he got to work filming it. His films are just as much about complex ideas and trying to confuse people as they are about complex characters. All of his movies are puzzles, just as complicated for audiences to figure out as they are for the characters in them.

Christopher Nolan INTJ | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #INTJ

Te: Clearly, as a director, Nolan has little trouble organizing people. He likes everything to fit together logically (though he doesn’t always give all the answers – Ni). Christopher Nolan’s films are all about complex logical thought and, when analyzed from all angles, fit together like perfect three-dimensional puzzle pieces. The dialogue in his films is typically blunt, direct and clear. Not only this, but it’s efficient. There is no excess dialogue.

Christopher Nolan INTJ | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #INTJ

Fi: Nolan’s characters are quite often INTJs…thus, clear writing from his own experience. His characters are less universally understandable than they are individually, and they are never caricatures. Even all the INTJs he writes are completely different from one another, and often don’t fit the stereotypes that are written by writers of other types. (take for instance, Sherlock, an INTJ who fits all the stereotypes and was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, an ESTP).

Christopher Nolan INTJ | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #INTJ

Se: Christopher Nolan is just as much about theatricality and affect as his INTJ characters. The scenes of his films rarely run chronologically, yet they make perfect sense. Nolan values visual realism, even in his fantasy/sci fi films. In Inception, the majority of the explosions on the film were real. In general, he uses very few special effects, preferring the real thing.


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  1. I must have watched Batman Begins 20+ times when it came out, and had no idea why I liked that movie so much until I read your Nolan posts and your favourite movie list. Mystery suddenly explained. You made me track down Nolan’s other movies. I blame you. I liked The Prestige even more.


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