Pokemon – Cyrus: INTJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Cyrus INTJ | Pokemon #MBTI #INTJ

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Cyrus’ entire focus is on creating his ideal world, not being content to live with the flaws of the existing one. He knows exactly what he wants to accomplish, and takes actions specifically for this purpose. For Cyrus, there are no defeats; when he and his underlings lose, it is only a temporary setback, and his eye is still on his ultimate prize. Cyrus is not an impulsive man; he would rather take the slow and steady route to success than the quick and uncertain one. He believes very much in human potential, and aims to maximize it in his new universe.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Cyrus views his ideal world as an achievable goal, not a fanciful dream. He works hard in creating his world, even to the point of building a sizable criminal organization to accomplish his task. Cyrus always speaks directly, even when he’s fooled people about his target audience; to a mixed audience of his goons and the heroes trying to stop them, a respectable-seeming Cyrus identifies the legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia (which are instrumental to his plan) as the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs (which he instructed his foot soldiers to steal).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Cyrus’ values are radically different from those of the rest of the world, and this is his reason for aiming to create a new world in the first place. Even though Cyrus acts out of complete selfishness, his moral code is unusually powerful for a criminal mastermind, and he does not believe that the end justifies the means. Cyrus regards all fighting as pointlessly counterproductive (Te-Fi), and therefore, he always aims to prevent his underlings from fighting, even when they believe that it is perfectly natural to do so.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Cyrus is careful to pay attention to the details of what’s going on. When Ash, Brock, and Dawn interrupt his plan when it is about to reach fruition, he presumes that the three of them have an important role to play in the birth of his utopia, and makes a last-minute decision to bring them with him. When his world is finally created, Cyrus forbids even his own underlings, who support his vision, to enter; he believes that they will pollute his new universe.