Rollo – Vikings: ESTP

Guest post by Fanta, INTJ

Vikings (2013)

Rollo ESTP | Vikings 2013 #MBTI #ESTP

Dominant SeRollo is an impulsive and spontaneous man who craves instant pleasure and action. He is keenly aware of his surroundings, and readily notices small details and changes in behaviour (e.g. he is the first to spot the spy in their group, one look from Siggy and he knows she is flirting with him). Rollo often desires to plunge head first into battle, and is clearly annoyed every time his brother Ragnar commands to wait before an attack. He reacts quickly to opportunities and threats, speaks bluntly when he wants something, and is often insensitive of others around him.  His desire to be the centre of attention and to be recognized by his peers, especially his brother, is often what motivates his bold or unusual actions (e.g. when he volunteers to be baptised by the English).

Rollo ESTP | Vikings 2013 #MBTI #ESTP

Auxiliary TiThroughout the first season, Rollo does not make much use of Ti, and ends up being portrayed as  a character who mostly indulges impulsively (and sometimes aggressively) into personal pleasures and bravado. He argues with Siggy about her plan for his rise to power despite the arguments and facts presented to him (“I am who I am and I won’t change”), and often to simply justify indulging in Se behaviour. As he begins to mature in subsequent seasons, Rollo develops his discernment and personal restraint. He has the ability to quickly devise a plan and defend Kattegat when it gets attacked, but also to retreat strategically when the situation calls for it.  Rollo uses principles to reach conclusions, agreeing with Æthelwulf when the prince states they are friends because they fought together. 

Rollo ESTP | Vikings 2013 #MBTI #ESTP

Tertiary Fe: Because of a lack of Ti, we can see Rollo caught in the SeFe loop: he displays a strong desire to be recognized as Ragnar’s equal, and is very sensitive to what he believes others think of him. He overreacts a lot whenever Ragnar is involved, and has dreams of rising in power to get the recognition he feels he deserves, which makes him an easy target to manipulate.  Part of Rollo’s maturity is expressed when he admits his unwavering respect and loyalty to his brother Ragnar after his attempted betrayal. He wants to be part of his community, and has genuine affection for his close peers, especially his nephew Bjorn, whom he praises and encourages constantly. He will readily protect Ragnar’s family from outside threat despite his envy towards him. He feels guilt and shame at how he treated Siggy when he learns of her death while he was away. 

Rollo ESTP | Vikings 2013 #MBTI #ESTP

Inferior Ni: Rollo is constantly puzzled by Ragnar’s out-of-the-blue decisions which sound counter-intuitive to him, and is equally frustrated with the Seer’s mysterious imagery about his future. He feels his life is useless and has no purpose, thoughts that develop most strongly while he is bedridden for months while recovering from serious injuries. Occasionally, Rollo has moments of clarity and understanding about Ragnar’s long term vision for their people. He has dreams about rising to power, but never takes steps to make it into reality.

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  1. He’s got all the same functions as me (INFJ) but in the opposite order. (I expect I would find him slightly annoying if we met in real life, haha.)

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