So I just saw all of your comments…

Don’t think I’m ignoring them. I swear I will reply to them all after I finish finals.

Also. I just looked at my inbox…which is bursting with a million and six questions and character requests.

As a temporary measure intended to save the life of Arvid Walton, I will be shutting down the Ask an INTJ Anything and Request a Character sections on this blog. Fear not. I shall reinstate them once I get caught up on the many hundreds of questions and requests that beset me there.

In the meantime, I would highly appreciate anyone who wants to help with the character typing queue, and I’d like to further thank all those who have contributed up to this point.

In the next week or so, I intend to announce the winners of the last contest along with the answers to the questions posed about me.

Simultaneously, I will confront the horrors of my inbox. Or possibly I shall run away and write poetry.


8 thoughts on “So I just saw all of your comments…

  1. hi,
    awhile back I asked a REALLY stupid question (it was something along the lines of “are good memory and a Si function often related?” only more idiotic). Since asking, I have pondered the question and figured out the answer (or what I believe is the answer): No, anyone can have a good memory. Anyway, if it helps at all to remove one stupid question from your to-do list, I hope I can help by withdrawing at least that one


  2. For those of us who wish to help by contributing, what would be the best place to submit our typings and can you please set up another link to the list of character already types but not posted and the characters you want us to type? Thank you.


    • Characters that are already typed are marked as such in the Character Directory. Characters that are open for typing are also listed there. Or maybe I don’t fully understand your question.


  3. Hang in there :) I owe this blog a few character typings (Vikings and Murdoch Mysteries) will be doing a few during the holidays!


  4. The INFP in me says “Write poetry!”, the INTJ in me says “Take care of business.”, while the INTP in me says “Answer every question with a sarcastic or comical GIF and nothing else.”

    Good luck on finals! :D


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