Allan Ginsberg: ENFP

Kill Your Darlings

Allan Ginsberg ENFP | Kill Your Darlings #MBTI #ENFP

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Ginsberg was all about taking ordinary situations and making them new. Because he was full of ideas, he wrote prolifically, cranking out a large quantity of very long poems in short amounts of time. Even up to the last decade of his life, Ginsberg was putting out quick, vast amounts of poetry. Ginsberg was an open-minded, energetic individual who embraced tolerance and genuinely inspired others to do likewise, not only through his poetry, but through his energetic involvement in counter-cultures. In fact, Ginsberg is attributed to have coined the infamous “flower power” phrase of the 1960s Vietnam era as he encouraged war protestors to engage in peaceful rejection of violence. 

Allan Ginsberg ENFP | Kill Your Darlings #MBTI #ENFP

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Ginsberg followed the Emersonian individualism embraced by his hero poet, Walt Whitman. He was a writer who did not embrace the lifestyle or traditions of the particular time period in which he lived. He looked down on common rhyming poetry and strived to write what was truly his, rather than what his professors told him to write. After turning in an essay deemed inappropriate for his final paper in a class, Ginsberg was given the option to revoke the essay and write a new one, or to be expelled from the university. He chose expulsion. When Ginsberg read his poetry aloud to audiences, he did so with moving emotion and passion. Unlike other members of the “Beat Generation” (particularly Jack Kerouac), Ginsberg was kind to people who were not rebellious like himself.

Allan Ginsberg ENFP | Kill Your Darlings #MBTI #ENFP

Extraverted Thinking (Te): Ginsberg was an organised man. He was the member of the Beat Generation group who reminded his friends to eat and take care of their health. In poetry, he valued blunt honesty –and many schools still do not read his infamous “Howl,” for the explicit language and content contained within it. Like Whitman his hero, he believed it wrong to emit “taboo topics,” such as sexuality and drug use from literary works.

Lucien Carr ISFP | Kill Your Darlings #MBTI #ISFP

Introverted Sensing (Si): Ginsberg was more than a fan of Walt Whitman, and evoked the very imitation of Whitman’s writing style –not to mention eventually coming to develop his own matching beard… Ginsberg’s poetry also reflects the language of Judaism, the religion he grew up with.

Note: Asserting my English-Major knowledge and going off historical events and Beat Generation writings rather than the portrayal in the movie (although the personality would be the same, just not the totality of behaviour/motives). Your welcome.

4 thoughts on “Allan Ginsberg: ENFP

  1. I love Ginsberg’s poetry. I was fascinated and shocked all at the same time when I read the poems because it was just so different from all of the other things I have read. In my opinion, Ginsberg really used his Fi to express views on topics such as disillusionment in honest language that was just unique. I admire how Fi explores themes in depth in order to discover the truth.


  2. Are there any (in your opinion) well-done movies based on his life? I assume so, and that you got the pictures from it/them.


    • The pictures are from Kill Your Darlings, which is a semi-accurate film about his life (the points it makes the most inaccurate leaps on mostly revolve around Lucien Carr, whom he went to college with, but it’s mostly accurate on its portrayal of Ginsberg himself).



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