Shikamaru Nara: INTP

Guest post by whatisfreethen, INTP


Shikamaru Nara INTP | Naruto #MBTI #INTP

Ti: Shikamaru was a logical thinker who’s most popular characteristic was his ability to stay cool headed in crisis situations and conceive a winning strategy. Shikamaru’s fighting style indicated a dominant Ti, in which he first engaged an opponent, then tried to bring them at an impasse, to analyst their moves and devise a plan of action. He was also often shown to have an affinity to intellectual puzzles and strategic games, like shogi. He disliked physical work and would rather lie down and think.

Shikamaru Nara INTP | Naruto #MBTI #INTP

Ne: Shikamaru’s Ne often showed itself in the originality and complexity of his plans. He would take in every factor and exploit all the possibilities he had. In the anime, it is shown that he could arrange a large group of people and assign them tasks efficiently while taking in consideration the abilities of each individual. Rather than having a fixed plan or objective, he liked to keep his options open.

Shikamaru Nara INTP | Naruto #MBTI #INTP

Si: While having to deal with an enemy, Shikamaru tended to make assumptions based on his memory or past experiences. He was shown to be able to keep vendettas and they often affected his decisions, and even his judgement.

Shikamaru Nara INTP | Naruto #MBTI #INTP

Fe: Shikamaru was a rational thinker and suppressed emotions for most of the series, but there were points where they were the obvious motivators for actions. Shikamaru is shown as a calm and often lazy individual who would do anything to avoid work, but showed initiative many times when his friends were threatened.


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  1. awesome article! I’ve always had an attraction towards Shikamarau being an INTP myself.
    Thank you for this!


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