Viola – Twelfth Night: ESTP

Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare

Viola ESTP | Twelfth Night #MBTI #ESTP

Se: Viola uses disguise as a way to avoid dealing with her problems emotionally (the fact that her brother is supposedly dead). Rather, her approach is proactive, an attempt to keep busy rather than introspecting. She’s not afraid of being thrown into a crazy situation, be it pretending to woo another woman or jumping into a sword fight and totally beating the crap out of the guy she’s fighting. She’s really good at acting and judges other people’s thoughts based on what she sees in their expressions.

Viola ESTP | Twelfth Night #MBTI #ESTP

Ti: Viola looks at her situation from multiple angles, thinking on her feet and silently. Rarely do we hear a soliloquy from her, and never does she really confess her plans and thought processes to others without their request. She’s objective enough to stay true to the missions Duke puts her to despite the fact that they’re a disservice to her love for him.

Viola ESTP | Twelfth Night #MBTI #ESTP

Fe: She falls for someone who’s pretty much a loser and can’t almost can’t control her desire for him at times. However, her emotions towards him are constant. Viola is charismatic and has an almost magnetic influence on others, pulling Olivia out of her mourning and Duke out of his narcissism simply by interacting with them. She doesn’t like to pay much attention to her own feelings, but does pay a lot of attention to other people’s.

Viola ESTP | Twelfth Night #MBTI #ESTP

Ni: Viola is good at figuring out the potential problems in a situation and finds ways to deal with them (for instance, she knows that being an unattended shipwrecked woman isn’t an ideal situation, so she disguises herself quite resourcefully as a man). She’s pro at reading other people, thereby determining who is trustworthy. She’s quick witted and throws puns at the audience for entertainment.


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