Ash Ketchum: ESFP

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

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Ash Ketchum ESFP | Pokemon #MBTI #ESFP

Se: Ash makes every decision, big and small, spontaneously.  These range from starting Pokemon battles for any reason (or no reason) to starting a new journey to some unknown region based solely on a whim.  Ash usually does not enter a Pokemon battle with a plan of action; he relies instead on a seemingly innate feel for tactics in the moment.  Ash also prefers to learn through first-hand experience, not through books or classes.

Ash Ketchum ESFP | Pokemon #MBTI #ESFP

Fi: Ash lives entirely by his own values, which he refuses to alter for anyone else.  While traveling with Misty, the two frequently argue about almost every subject.  He tries to earn the respect of any and every Pokemon he meets, as he believes that it is his responsibility as a future Pokemon Master to understand each and Pokemon.  Ash finds his opinions galvanized by any argument he has; he never backs down in the face of an opposing opinion.

Ash Ketchum ESFP | Pokemon #MBTI #ESFP

Te: Ash has his share of leadership ability.  Even though he considers each of his Pokemon as a friend, he is not above giving orders and directions to them, whether in or out of battle.  He also easily steps into the role of mentoring less experienced trainers, most notably May, Dawn, and Serena.  Whenever Ash sees a Pokemon being mistreated, he is forceful and uncompromising in rectifying the situation.

Ash Ketchum ESFP | Pokemon #MBTI #ESFP

Ni: Even though Ash is always dreaming of becoming a Pokemon Master, he lacks a systematic way to do so.  He is easily distracted on his journey, taking part in countless side quests along the way.  Training for the Indigo League early in the Original Series, Ash puts off training until the eleventh hour; however, he quickly learns from his mistake, realizing that more preparation is needed for a competition of this caliber.  Although he does not go out of his way to prepare for gym battles, he will take advantage of some advance knowledge of an upcoming gym or its leader if he chances upon it.  Whenever Ash loses a gym battle, he puts his nose to the grindstone, devising some plan to help him out in the rematch.

Note: Ash is frequently typed as ENFP or ENFJ, but neither of these types is correct.  Ash lacks an Ne, focusing more on the present moment than on future possibilities.  Fe, seeking validation from others for its own sake, is also a foreign concept to him.  Finally, Ash’s Ni is far too weak to be his auxiliary function; he never plans beyond the time of his next Pokemon League competition, he only makes the most general plans on that time scale, and each of his concrete plans tends to be a “Plan B.”


3 thoughts on “Ash Ketchum: ESFP

  1. I disagree. Ash Ketchum is ENFP and uses Ne and Si all the time. Ash is future oriented and does not live in the moment at all. Read my post here why down below:

    Here’s my other Ash ENFP Post here too, Ash is not ESFP and is future oriented and does not live in the moment. He sees possibilities all the time and loves asking questions and brainstorming new ideas and comes up with new ideas constantly. And he intuitively understands Pokemon’s feelings beneath the surface very easily, my first post explains that part well with Froakie in X and Y:


  2. Ash is definitely ENFP, he comes up with ideas all the time and uses the past to make future decisions and come up with new ideas based on the past things he encountered. He uses Ne along with Si much more in the story.


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