Toshiko Sato: INTJ


Toshiko Sato INTJ | Torchwood #MBTI #INTJ

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Toshiko is a master at recognising mathematical and behavioural patterns that allow her to figure out how present events will implicate future happenings. Tosh’s plans are intricate, leaving no detail amiss, and they usually work out exactly how she expects. Furthermore, she plans years in advance (consider her goodbye video log following her death). She is a problem solver, who rather than sitting by and watching what happens, prefers to manipulate the system and her environment to achieve the best possible results. Rather, she determines exactly what end she wants to achieve, plots out the steps needed and follows through with exactness.

Toshiko Sato INTJ | Torchwood #MBTI #INTJ

Extraverted Thinking (Te): On the surface, Tosh can be timid, but that doesn’t stop her from asserting her opinions firmly and acting on her beliefs regardless of what others tell her. Tosh never sits idle when there is a definite course to be pursued. Tosh isn’t always at the heart of the action, but she is always ready behind the scenes, setting up the situation to be pristine for her team members. She’s great at negotiating and communicates well (except when it comes to her personal feelings).

Toshiko Sato INTJ | Torchwood #MBTI #INTJ

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Tosh hides her feelings, doesn’t go for PDA and tends to be rather reserved about most of her life. Though she often wants to, she doesn’t naturally understand other people’s feelings and can’t cope when she’s given the telepathic necklace to let her in on other people’s thoughts.

Toshiko Sato INTJ | Torchwood #MBTI #INTJ

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Tosh is extremely uncomfortable being thrown into unexpected situations and high energy settings. When her plans are disrupted, she panics.

Toshiko is a great example of what more real-life INTJs are like. Fictional INTJs are most commonly written as stereotypes (Sherlock, or House, for example), and Toshiko is a lot more individualised and real in her representation.


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