Rincewind: ISTJ

Discworld, Terry Pratchett

Rincewind ISTJ | Discworld #MBTI #ISTJ

Introverted Sensing (Si): We’re familiar with heroes that fight the call to adventure and eventually accepts their task. How about Rincewind, who never ever ever stops fighting the call to adventure. All Rincewind wants to do is avoid contact with anything new. He does everything in his power (not always very much) to prevent change from happening – be it by continuing to insist upon being a wizard even after being turned away from study at the Unseen University or by running away from new people and situations. Rincewind is apparently one of the only people on the Disc bearing any common sense, and too right.

Rincewind ISTJ | Discworld #MBTI #ISTJ

Extraverted Thinking (Te): Rincewind may not be the brightest of wizards, but he does have remarkable reasoning affinities. He thinks through his decisions rationally, always acting according to the most obvious and direct solution when problem solving. Rincewind doesn’t believe there are any causes worth dying for. In his mind, you can always find a million causes anywhere, but you’ve only got one life. Rincewind doesn’t particularly care to be in charge, but he does use primarily action to assert his opinions. He’s quite vocal about the things he hates and dislikes, not to mention how honest he is about literally everything.

Rincewind ISTJ | Discworld #MBTI #ISTJ

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Rincewind is a pretty caring bloke. He holds a lot of empathy for others, although not enough to really put someone else before himself. He deliberately abandons friends quite frequently in his attempts to avoid the call to adventure. Yet, he’s perfectly aware of his flaws and has a large store of self-knowledge. When he says “[he doesn’t] know how to be a hero,” he knows what he’s talking about and means it.

Rincewind ISTJ | Discworld #MBTI #ISTJ

Ne): Whenever Rincewind finds himself in a dire situation, he panics about all the potential bad things that could happen, assuming them inevitable, whilst ignoring any chance of good fortune. Rincewind is described as having “a quickness of wit that put[s] his acquaintances in mind of a bright rodent.”


The few Rincewind type-guesses found interspersed throughout the nets are always INxP. However, Rincewind’s not particularly creative and definitely isn’t an Ne-dom. Any Ne-vibes that we see coming through him are merely the vibes of Terry Pratchett himself (INTP).


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