Rachel Dawes: ISFP

Batman Trilogy

Rachel Dawes ISFP | Batman MBTI

Fi: Rachel has a strong internal moral code, which she lives, and often expects Bruce Wayne to live as well. Her moral counsel has a huge impact on Bruce Wayne’s life. She has a strong desire to help other people and finds her work as a DA personally fulfilling. She has a difficult time dealing with Bruce’s lower Fi need to keep secrets and hide his goodness from people. She’s willing to kill to protect a child.

Rachel Dawes ISFJ | Batman MBTI

Se: The solutions Rachel provides for problems are immediate and usually the most obvious solution (the one everyone else missed in their insistence that everything is complex). Sometimes, she gets so caught up in the present that she doesn’t pick up on potential danger to herself. She isn’t afraid of Crane, or of going places that most women are terrified to go alone.

Rachel Dawes ISFJ | Batman MBTI

Ni: Before her death, Rachel has an inkling that the police are going to go to Harvey rather than save her (though she tells Harvey otherwise). She has a very specific vision of how she wants her life to turn out, and when she realizes that Bruce does not fit into that vision, she leaves him behind without hesitation. She works toward long-term goals for saving Gotham and does not waver from them for anything.

Rachel Dawes ISFJ | Batman MBTI

Te: Rachel is an assertive negotiator. She’s blunt when she wants to get a point across, even, and especially to Bruce. She’s the one who makes decisions about her relationships, and all of her principles are firmly supported by her actions. She is one of the few people who is actively involved in trying to improve life in Gotham.