Do I take notes when I type characters?

“What do you typically do when you’re watching a movie or reading a book and trying to type someone? Do you take notes? Or do you just figure it out in your head?”

It really depends. Sometimes I don’t take notes for anything –I’m one of those INTJs who doesn’t always study and gets an A on the test (or writes the paper the night before it’s due and gets 100% on it). Other times, however, I’ll take extensive notes for a class –particularly in cases where the teacher doesn’t cater to kinesthetic/visual learners.

When it comes to typing I’m the same way: inconsistent. Usually, I’ll watch the movie or read the book, and as I’m doing it, my Ni function automatically looks for patterns. My brain starts catching Se evidence, inputting it into my Ni for pattern processing and then passing it on to my Te for analysis.

If the character is hard to pin down, I’ll sometimes jot down little notes about their behaviours as I’m watching/reading. If they’re more obvious, however, I simply figure it out in my head and then jot down a bunch of bullet points about them after the movie/book when I sit down to write their post.

Then (in either case) I scour the internet for counter-arguments, and decide upon whether my analysis was right or whether there was a better argument out there.

The set of bullet points tends to look something like the following:

John Nash — INTJ


  • pattern recognition – everything is patterns — probably Ni
  • Universe – “I just believe it” (intuition comes before his thinking)
  • natural code breaker
  • Big-picture, sees the system as a waste of time
  • focused to the point of obsession
  • wants to do something bigger than classes
  • workaholic


  • very direct/blunt in communication
  • I need proof – verifiable data to marry someone


  • values authentic creativity, doesn’t attend classes
  • reluctant to talk to his wife about his feelings to the point that he locks her out of the room
  • willing to accept that he’s a danger to his wife and send her away


  • Under stress / on meds, no sex-drive /loses interest in past priorities
  • learn that he can’t trust his senses as a verifiable source of knowledge

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  1. What about Maths? Do you only read the content of the syllabus without doing the problems or skim for guidelines, then do the problems?

    On an unrelated note, can you do a post on how you write?


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