Backlogged and Busy

Some of you are likely wondering when I’m ever going to get to your question/character.

I’m sorry, but my life comes before this blog, and unfortunately, I have limited access to my “life” right now because it’s backlogged with 300+ pages of academic reading per week and multiple essays/tests.

The joys of being the youngest undergraduate in your major.

That said, I’m not simply ignoring your questions/requests. I’m going through the list little by little, but it’s going to take me a while, especially since it’s on hold at the moment.

There are a lot of perspicacious questions in the queue, and those tend to take longer (I put more emphasis on them than easy questions).

If, just about now, you’re wondering how long the queue is…

Over the coming finals weeks, this star (blogger) will burn out all its gasses by test-taking so that its self-gravity overpowers contained matter. At that point it will either:

  1. Collapse in on itself to form a white dwarf star. The end.
  2. Collapse in on itself to form a white dwarf star and then accrete enough matter to develop a binary star system, which (if it gets big enough (1.4 solar masses), it will explode in supernova to form a giant rainbow cloud that produces new stars (blog posts) at an alarming rate.

We’ll see. I might be busy climbing mountains and working come summer.