MBTI and Libido

“Weired question, but is sex-drive correlated to MBTI type at all? Or is that completely separate? Also, what role do you think gender has to play in all that?”

I would wish you happy valentines day, but I don’t really celebrate it. Sexual preference and libido are completely separate from MBTI.

I have never been in a relationship, nor do I look for one. I don’t know what it’s like to be infatuated, and for years, I insensitively made fun of other people for experiencing those feelings. (I’ve learned not to do that). However, If anyone ever tries to pull a move on me, this is probably what I will do:

On the other hand, there are plenty of other INTJs that are quite sexual, and when under stress, will get stuck in their Se function and go on a one-night sex binge (Batman, for example). If you want a good picture of an INTJ that’s consistently sensual, Percy Toplis and Gregory House are fine examples. House can’t go five minutes without making a sexist, racy comment about the women he works with, and Toplis sleeps around every brothel he comes across (not to mention his 2 years in prison for attempted rape at age 15).

Then you’ve got INTJs like Thomas Barrow (Downton Abbey) for whom sexuality is a strong part of their daily life, but is repressed by the social limits of the time in which they live.

In answer to your question however, reproductive hormones and sexual orientation exist very separately from MBTI. There are people in every type that have varying hormonal levels. MBTI type merely dictates how a person’s thought process works.

Idiots assume that females lean more towards feeling, while males lean more towards thinking –but then…they obviously haven’t met very many INTJ females. When a person makes this generalisation, I automatically erase all legitimacy to everything they say and profile them as ignorant and immature.

As to sexual relationships –this is my stance.

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