Hazel Grace Lancaster: ISFJ

The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

Hazel Grace ISFJ | The Fault in Our Stars MBTI

Dominant Si: Hazel loves to revisit things that have given her joy in the past. She re-reads her favorite book over and over again and is constantly wondering about it. She is tuned to physical sensations that allow her to be aware of her health boundaries. She values tradition and routine and tends to fall back on methods that are familiar to her rather than looking for new approaches. Hazel is happiest when she has good people in her life and holds firmly to those people no matter what. She compares the present moment to her past experiences, in addition to comparing her own experiences to other people’s. She desperately wants a normal, traditional life, not the weird cancer-kid routine that she has to put up with.

Hazel Grace ISFJ | The Fault in Our Stars MBTI

Auxiliary Fe: Hazel usually considers how other people feel before asking herself how she feels about something. She is open with her feelings, and though she hides her tears from people, she doesn’t hide her emotional opinions. She views herself as a “grenade” and wants more than anything to “minimize the casualties” when she explodes. As a result, she shuts out emotional connections that she desperately needs to feel good about herself. Hazel has a desire to consider everyone else’s point of view and often defends people. Part of Hazel’s fixation on her favorite book is the fact that assures her that her feelings are normal. She asks external sources how she feels before being able to put a name to it herself.

Hazel Grace ISFJ | The Fault in Our Stars MBTI

Tertiary Ti: Hazel doesn’t care about the logic of the world so much as theorizing based on her own internal logic. She questions the logic of the world, observing the consistencies and then developing her own opinions about things. Gus is a Ti user, so this is also a primary factor in her attraction towards him. Hazel likes words, and she and Gus have a fun time playing around with them (noticeably when selling the swing set).

Hazel Grace ISFJ | The Fault in Our Stars MBTI

Inferior Ne: Hazel doesn’t immediately catch on to Gus’s use of metaphors, but once she gets them, she finds them fascinating. She values her favorite book largely because it has a symbolic meaning to her, and she wants Gus to experience the same meaning, so she has him read it as well. Her initial intuitions about people are usually quite inaccurate, though she is able to revise them over time.


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