Hermione Granger: ESTJ

Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling

Hermione ESTJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Dominant Te: Hermione is interested in organizing both her external world and the people in it. She helps Harry to organize a defense group and earlier attempts to arrange an activist group (SPEW). She even organizes study plans to help Harry and Ron. When she’s younger, Hermione likes to be in charge and tends to be a bit bossy. She’s a natural leader who knows how to establish rules and keep everyone in line, which is what makes her such a good Prefect. Hermione always makes decisions based on logical approaches and is even able to set aside her emotions to wipe her parents memory in order to protect them. She is obsessively time-efficient and wants to fit everything into her schedule (so much that she needs a time turner in her 3rd year).

Hermione ESTJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Auxiliary Si: Hermione has a good memory for things that she’s read, and doesn’t hesitate to bring these things up, citing her sources in everyday conversation (I read about that in ____). Hermione values tradition and is usually the first to jump in and call people out for breaking rules (takes her a long time to trust Harry and Ron with that). She likes life to be structured and routine and tends to try to keep a bit ahead of everyone else’s schedule. She has a specific criteria for trusting sources and refuses to believe much that she hasn’t read printed in a book somewhere. When Harry follows Snape’s instructions scribbled in his textbook, she’s hesitant, and gets angry to see him succeed because she relies on established rules.

Hermione ESTJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Tertiary Ne: Hermione has a never-ending thirst for knowledge. She reads the way Ron eats and uses the knowledge that she gains to benefit herself and others. Hermione is good at keeping everyone on topic and tends to get annoyed with people who waste their time. She can put together information that she observes about people to figure out their motivations (such as Lupin being a werewolf) and her intuitions are usually fairly accurate (she knows when Harry and Ron are up to something). In general, she tends to be a overly suspicious, but is able to revise her opinions over time.

Hermione ESTJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Inferior Fi: When Hermione is overwhelmed, she prefers to let her emotions out in secret. She cares about other people, but doesn’t always know how to express it and as a result, her Te makes her come across as blunt and condescending. Hermione has a strict moral code that she upholds without deviation, but she also has the tendency to expect others to share her same sense of morality. When she becomes frustrated, Hermione becomes irrational, and doesn’t always see the truth of a situation.

5 thoughts on “Hermione Granger: ESTJ

  1. Is Emma Watson an INFJ or an ESTJ? Do you have another MBTI type in mind for her?

    She does this alone because nobody else will want to do this with her. I imagine shed love having a study group. Notice how she delegates the reading when Harry and Ron are joining her, and discusses everything out loud. Its also about the functions he…


  2. Even before I knew about cognitive functions, I knew she must be an STJ. I’ve seen her typed as other things, from INTJ to INTP to INFJ. Wat. She is totally a by-the-book-and-rules person. And this is also a great example of how someone who appears introverted can actually be a cognitive extrovert. She doesn’t appear more social than Harry or Ron. We usually look at sociability as a measurement for E/I, but that’s not the whole picture.

    Do you think there’s still a possibility that Hermione might be an ISTJ? Also, actress Emma Watson is said to be an ESTJ herself; do you agree?


    • Good point –about her appearing to be introverted. And you’re spot on with regards to E/I.

      Having read the Harry Potter books, I don’t think Hermione could be an ISTJ. Her younger self shows a lot more Te than Si.

      And yes, I would agree that Emma Watson is an ESTJ. From everything I’ve read about her, she fits the profile.


      • I noticed that a lot of Te- and Ne- doms get mistaken for introverts (as a few of your posts address). Emma Watson even identifies herself as an introvert. Come to think of it, the typical definition of extroversion usually describes Fe and Se traits.


        • Yes, there tends to be a disjunct between popular culture’s conception of introversion/extroversion and Carl Jung’s theories of the same.



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