Harry Potter: ISFP

Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter ISFP MBTI

Dominant Fi: Harry has a strong moral code and he weighs everything against his personal feelings. Often, he has a difficult time accepting other people’s differences because all he can see is how they have wronged him (Snape, Malfoy). He has a desire to reject vanity and dislikes the fame that his name carries with it. His moral code leads him to ask Lupin and Serious not to kill Peter Petigrew, and he carries around an incredible amount of guilt for all the people who have died for him. He tends to ignore what’s important to other people, particularly Hermione (like SPEW) and takes a lot of things personally. He is extremely loyal to the people he loves and will put himself in danger’s way to save them.

Harry Potter ISFP MBTI

Auxiliary Se: Harry is a tad bit impulsive and reckless, which often gets him into dangerous situations he could have avoided. He doesn’t really consider long-term consequences before acting and simply lives in the moment, acting according to his feelings rather than logic. He reacts rather than manipulating his environment. He’s a natural at quidditch and is a bit of a thrill-junky. He pays attention to things in his immediate environment, allowing him to use it to his advantage in defeating his enemies.

Harry Potter ISFP MBTI

Tertary Ni: Harry often has foreknowledge or hunches about certain people and situations that let him know when something is not right. This feeds off of his Se, as he notices clues in his environment, allowing him to reach quick conclusions about people that Hermione and Ron don’t always catch on to. In general, his accusations tend to seem a bit absurd to other people, but he’s usually right about them in the end, and up until then, he’s obsessive about them. Stalker…

Harry Potter ISFP MBTI

Inferior Te: Harry is practically incapable of organizing anything when he’s younger, and lets Hermione handle that portion of his life for him. As he gets older, he gets better at this however, and he’s able to reluctantly take on leadership roles, organizing and teaching other students.



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