Four – Divergent: ISFJ

Divergent, Veronica Roth

Four ISFJ | Divergent MBTI

Dominant Si: Four is haunted by his past and has a difficult time moving past what happened to him during his years in his original faction. Though he’s not particularly  traditional in his methods, he does tend to fall back on approaches that have worked for him (or others) in the past. He relies on his own past experience to help Tris. Before making any decision, Four wants to collect and analyze all the details. Four likes routine and understands the importance (more so than Tris) of fitting into the system. He understands that behaving differently than those around him will set him up for suspicion.

Four ISFJ | Divergent MBTI

Auxiliary Fe: Four has a difficult time witnessing the suffering of others, which is why he leaves the room when Tris is being beaten to a pulp by Peter. Four is not particularly protective of his inner self and is willing to open up his mind in order to help Tris, even though it means letting her see his worst fears. Four can read other people’s emotions. He knows when Tris is upset and when she believes a friend’s suicide is her fault, he’s able to explain to Tris exactly what the boy was feeling.

Four ISFJ | Divergent MBTI

Tertiary Ti: Four isn’t great at devising plans so much as he is absorbing all the details and fitting into the system despite his difference. When he speaks, he likes his words to be precise and pointed. When he sees problems with Tris’s logic, he doesn’t hesitate to point them out to her. Four is good at putting names to the things that are happening around him. He’s able to figure out the basic just of what Erudite is doing by importing serum into Dauntless, but spends more time analyzing the data than coming up with a plan for how to stop it.

Four ISFJ | Divergent MBTI

Inferior Ne: Four isn’t too out-of-the-box in his thinking –rather, he relies on traditional thought processes and prefers to avoid spontaneity. At the same time, he still prefers to come up with his own solutions to problems as opposed to relying on other people’s ideas. He can usually figure out that two different clues are connected, but doesn’t always know why. For instance, he knows that Erudite is up to something with the serum, but doesn’t know exactly what or how to explain it.

I’ve been getting loads of requests for this. Realize that I haven’t read the books and don’t intend to, so this is based off of the movie. I will do Tris at some point, but after that, please no more Divergent requests.

I’ve seen Four wrongly typed as an INTJ plenty of times, but he has absolutely no Ni.


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  1. ISFJ is pretty accurate for the books, too. I can’t imagine where anyone would get the idea that Four is INTJ: there’s a book of short stories about his life that is out now that offer a closer look at the way he thinks, and it’s clear that he doesn’t focus on the future most of the time. His decision to become Dauntless is a last-minute thing done, in part, to get back at his father. Most INTJs would have been planning an escape route long before the few days before the Choosing Ceremony, but for Four, the idea that he could get away from his father permanently seems to have been almost an afterthought. He’s also got a memory chest…in other words, tons of Si.


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