Why You Need two Introverted and Extroverted Functions

Why You Need two Introverted and Extroverted Functions

Question: “Why do you have to have two extroverted functions and two introverted functions? Couldn’t someone have all introverted or extraverted functions?”



If you had all introverted functions, you would have very little connection to the world outside of yourself. Logic would only exist within your mind and you wouldn’t reference anything in the external world. You would lose your ability to focus and fail to accomplish much of anything. You wouldn’t notice your surroundings and you would likely experience derealisation, in which you feel as though your surroundings aren’t real, or that you’re in a dream. You might even lapse into mild psychosis.

You would have nothing to root you in reality.

On the flip side, if you had all extraverted functions, you might find yourself incapable of knowing anything real about yourself because you would not introspect:


In that case, you would probably look something like Forest Gump.

Not so sure what it’d look like if you were intelligent and all extraverted functions, but an idiot version would probably do whatever anyone told him, not understand or have any concept of himself, be completely task oriented in the sense that they had to constantly be doing something new etc.

This is one of the reasons that it can be kind of difficult to type characters with mental illnesses –and why I’m always careful to note and consider mental illness as a factor.

Certain mental disorders can literally alter your functions, and this may be permanent or temporary. In my case, it’s temporary and happens during manic and depressive episodes only. Other disorders…not so.

PTSD for instance, is capable of turning any extravert into an introvert –because it has a heavy tendency to feature Si. Unpleasant flashbacks and constant dwelling in the past make it so that a person’s functions may actually change temporarily. I will say that in a lot of cases however, the person’s functions don’t change so much as revert to their shadow functions (emergency backup = using your functions in the opposite order).

In a sense, your true functions remain the same, but you’re using the wrong ones. If you were an extravert before PTSD, there may or may not still be an extravert in there somewhere (depending on the severity of the illness).

Major Depressive Disorder tends to make extraverts withdraw and behave like introverts, but I don’t usually see it create actual introverts out of extraverts. Typically, when I see depressed extraverts, I see them constantly spending time alone, but needing to spend time with people in order to help themselves get better.


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  1. Actually, I’m pretty close to being NiTiFiSi, or rather TiFiSiNi. My usual scores are something like this: Ti (95%-100%), Fi (90%-95%), Si (70%-80%), Ne (about 60%). If not for the Ne, which even so isn’t that high, I’d have no connection to the outside/real world. Sometimes I’m a bit functional, but for the most part all I want is to be left alone so that I can retreat inside my mind and dream, fantasize, think and come up with a myriad of ideas I’ll never put in practise. Sometimes I do get the feeling that nothing is real unless I can somehow absorb it and create an exact replica within myself, because everything in the outside world is subjective: my red isn’t your red, my truth isn’t your truth, what I say isn’t what you understand, the only absolute truth and reality are the models I’ve created in my mind. Those are my truth and my “real” reality, everything else is relative. I feel trapped inside my mind and, in a way, I want so much to connect to other human beings at a deep level that I go about feeling like I can’t connect at all. Yes, I think of myself as highly dysfunctional and I’ve become more so as I age. Mind you, that if you can actually get me outside of my dreamlands I can pass for a rather quiet, but knowledgeable and even surprisingly friendly and charming person. Then, I just need at least 3 days locked at home, with my phone off and ignoring the email. But with a good internet connection, couldn’t do without it anymore. :)


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