Samwell Tarly: INFP

Guest post by Sam Peters, INFP

A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin

Samwell Tarly INFP | Song of Ice and Fire #MBTP #INFP

Fi: Sam Tarly is a very sensitive and emotional guy, and he’s about as unassertive as they come.  He lives in fear of Te-doms that have basically dominated his life.  Nonetheless, he is extremely loyal to his friends and always does what he thinks is right according to his internal moral value system.  He can become uncharacteristically outspoken when someone he is very attached to is in danger, and he can even find it in him to defy authority if he needs to do something for the greater good.  After Jon is elected the new lord commander, Sam is somewhat appalled at his methods, which seem harsh and unfeeling.

Samwell Tarly INFP | Song of Ice and Fire #MBTP #INFP

Ne: Sam is a quick thinker, and he loves exploring new knowledge and using it with his Fi to help others and the cause of defending the North.  Although he occasionally behaves in an irrational, emotional way, his Ne steps in to save him from taking actions that would be a detriment to his peers.  Since he is physically unable to help in the fight against the Wildlings and the White Walkers, he instead uses the amazing knowledge that he has accumulated to benefit the rest of the team.  Also for this reason, he comes up with many creative ways to get what he needs, and these ways are extremely effective.

Samwell Tarly INFP | Song of Ice and Fire #MBTP #INFP

Si: Sam is someone who wants to run from his past.  His vivid recollections of his tortured childhood scare him, and he doesn’t want anything to do with Horn Hill.  At the same time, however, he uses his memories to console himself when he faces trouble.  He respects the tradition of the Night’s Watch, but at the same time he isn’t always an active participant in it.

Samwell Tarly INFP | Song of Ice and Fire #MBTP #INFP

Te: Sam is extremely unassertive, and rarely exercises his Te.  However, when the situation requires it, he is able to pull himself together and save the day.  He is able to organize a group of his friends to save Jon from desertion, and he holds together the Night’s Watch when it is most needed, during the election.  He is also capable of standing up to injustice and the tyrannical Te-doms who have controlled his life, an example of this being his rescue of Gilly from Craster.  He is also extremely smart and logical, even if he sometimes get caught up in his emotions in conflict situations.


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