Alice – Alice in Wonderland: ENFP

Guest post by Zoey, INFJ

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carol

Alice ENFP | Alice in Wonderland #MBTI #ENFP

Dominant Ne: Alice thinks very little of seeing a rabbit with a clock running. She has a wild imagination. In fact, the entire book is about Alice’s non-tiring imagination. She is quick to learn. She is also easily bored, and doesn’t like doing the same things again and again. Also, she would prefer to have pictures in a book rather than conversation. When her sister reads she looks with distaste at the book because it has no pictures. Alice sees everything as being connected to each other. After she learns that Queen sentences nearly everyone to death, she asks how are there still people living in the city. She is often blinded by curiosity, and she is very vocal about the things which make her curious.


Auxiliary Fi: Alice can very well stand up for herself, like she did in the court of the Queen of Hearts. She also dislikes it when she is not believed. Alice has her own principles. Alice follows her own heart. Alice is lead by a will of her own. Sh dislikes being told what to do. She is also a kind person; she dislikes it when the Mad Hatter hits the dormouse to get it to tell them a story. She takes it very personally when the Mad Hatter tells her there is no place at the tea table when in fact, there is plenty. She also takes it personally when the March Hare and Mad Hatter ask her riddles to which she doesn’t know the answer, and storms off saying it was the stupidest tea party.

Alice ENFP | Alice in Wonderland #MBTI #ENFP

Tertiary Te: Alice is very vocal about what she thinks. She is also able to figure out things quickly. When the Queen of Hearts sentences her to death, she eats a mushroom to become very tall and to intimidate the Queen. She is able to find solutions to her problems. She likes to be in charge of the things that are connected to her.

Alice ENFP | Alice in Wonderland #MBTI #ENFP

Inferior Si: At the ends of her adventure, what Alice really loves is going back home, and being in the warm familiarity of her family. She dislikes doing the same things again; when her sister was reading, and she was bored, she finds it monotonous to go on making wreaths of flowers.

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