Douglas Adams: ENTP

Guest post by Emily, INFP

Douglas Adams ENTP | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy #MBTI #ENTP

Ne: Douglas Adams had a lot of different interests and was very enthusiastic about them. His storylines are kind of random and sometimes hard to follow. He liked traveling and liked America because of the openness of the culture. Sometimes he was clumsy. He thought life and everything was amazing because of the improbability of it. 

Ti: Douglas Adams was really bad at meeting deadlines and being practical. One time he brought binoculars to a concert so he could watch the guitarist, and then taught himself how to play the songs later. He was raised Christian, but left the religion when he realized that it didn’t make any sense to him. He thought that people should be informed about things they had opinions about. He was also interested in technology.

Fe: Douglas Adams liked performing and was good at public speaking. He needed to be around people, got depressed if he was alone too much, and had fragile self-esteem. He was a natural teacher because he could make people feel smart. He was also good at making friends.

Si: Some things said in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, like “Don’t Panic” and “It’ll all end in tears,” were things that Douglas Adams’ mother said often. He was also a perfectionist and a good storyteller.


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