Zoey – Pokemon: ENTJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Zoey ENTJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENTJ

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Zoey always has her eye on the top of the Pokemon coordinator totem pole, and is constantly working to get there. Even when she loses a contest, Zoey looks for ways to improve, and she has no patience for people (such as Dawn at the start of her journey) who prefer to dwell on defeats rather than work past them. She is very assertive in every way, and has no problem giving blunt criticisms of people she disagrees with. In battles, Zoey aims for complete dominance over the battlefield, and often seeks to grab an advantage from the very beginning. She particularly excels in double battles, where each opponent has two Pokemon battling at once, as she can organize both Pokemon into a powerful fighting force better than anyone else. On occasions when Dawn asked for her help in training, Zoey has always given her clear, easily followed, and workable pointers toward improving herself. In showing off her Pokemon in contests, Zoey is always sure to demonstrate their power, even outside of an actual battle.

Zoey ENTJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENTJ

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Zoey has a complete focus on Pokemon contests, and she only has harsh words for those who are less focused than herself; she scolds Nando for participating in both contests and gym battles, and Ash for dabbling in contests. Zoey is always thinking a move or two ahead in her battles, even to the point of using an ineffective move for some hidden advantage. She can often predict what her opponents will do next; she wins the Grand Festival largely due to using this skill liberally. Zoey can suggest the best course of action with very little information; when Ash’s Aipom first shows an interest in contests, she states that Dawn should train Aipom instead, and sure enough, Ash ends up trading Aipom to Dawn so Aipom could compete in contests.

Zoey ENTJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENTJ

Extroverted Sensing (Se): When she needs a confidence boost, Zoey can get it through physical stimulation; whenever she is nervous about the pending result of a contest, she gives a hug to one of her Pokemon. Although Zoey achieves her goals primarily by careful planning and foresight, she recognizes the importance of spontaneity for getting ideas; her one way to help Dawn get think up new combinations is by challenging her to battles. Zoey is able to think up tactics and combinations on the spot in contest battles; she will very often use her opponents’ own moves against them. Zoey has a keen eye for her physical environment; she returns Dawn’s lost choker without ever having met her, all because Dawn was the only person wearing an outfit that the choker would go well with.

Zoey ENTJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENTJ

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Zoey doesn’t always know how to handle her feelings; her early acceptances of contest ribbons (the rewards for each contest victory) are stiff, awkward, and not very expressive. The first few times she meets Dawn, their interactions are equally awkward, except when Zoey is sharing a piece of advice or know-how. Zoey’s main friendships are with Dawn and Candice, and these are utilitarian; each of her best friends pushes her in some way to achieve her goals. Although Zoey can be very critical of other people, she always stands up for and helps the ones she cares about.


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