Connor Franta: INFP

Official typing, by Arvid Walton

Connor Franta INFP | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #MBTI #INFP

Fi: Connor is a genuinely nice person who is deeply affected by acts of cruelty or unkindness. He cares about other people and has a sincere desire to help them, and this is part of the reason that he shares much of his personal life with the public. Furthermore, he has pursued many a project to help people in developing countries (Ex. his Thirst Project to help fund water wells for people in Swaziland). Connor stays true to his own beliefs and principles regardless of what other people think of him.


Ne: He wants to travel everywhere and has loads of big dreams. He also has multiple creative outlets including photography, writing, music, vlogging and his coffee and lifestyle brand, Common Culture. Many of his vlogs, as well as much of his writing is comprised of thoughtful rambles that cover various ideas from many different angles.

Connor Franta INFP | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #MBTI #INFP

Si: Connor cares about the little details. He also has a very good long-term memory. Objects and images he encounters in daily life stir up memories of his childhood. Connor’s book is, of course, a memoir that focuses on his past life.

Connor Franta INFP | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #MBTI #INFP

Te: Connor likes his space to be organized and gets distressed when it’s not. He’s the type of goal setter who likes to make lists. He is an entrepreneur (not merely a dreamer) who figures out what he has to do to make his dreams reality and does it.


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  1. nope, connor is almost definitely an infj. he’s not a fi user at all, which is made very clear by the way he describes and reacts to particular events in his life as shown in his videos.


  2. thank you so much fro typing connor, it would be awesome if you could also type another youtubers as well :)


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