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Star Wars

C-3PO ESFJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ESFJ

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): C-3PO is a protocol droid, programmed for politeness and manners.  He is able to make a difference mainly by persuasion, convincing Owen Lars to buy him and misdirecting Imperial troops who are searching for his masters.  C-3PO is exceedingly temperamental; he bickers constantly with R2-D2, and he freely expresses his fear in dangerous situations.  C-3PO can fit into the culture of any society in which he happens to find himself, even if he has to figure out the language and customs on the fly (Ne).

C-3PO ESFJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ESFJ

Introverted Sensing (Si): C-3PO is highly uncomfortable with drastic changes in his situation; indeed, the very mention of Shmi selling him makes him anxious.  He is content to hear information secondhand, especially when getting it firsthand requires putting himself in danger.  C-3PO can relate past events in an engaging manner (Si-Fe); he tells campfire stories about his friends’ exploits to the Ewoks on Endor.  C-3PO puts a lot of stock on odds (as calculated from past results).

C-3PO ESFJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ESFJ

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): C-3PO may not know every language in the galaxy, but he can figure out one that he doesn’t know.  He is prone to worrying, and he has a tendency to dream up the worst-case scenario when something goes awry.  C-3PO sometimes gossips about the people around him; he comments on the weirdness of Jar Jar and the stress that Anakin is going through.

C-3PO ESFJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ESFJ

Introverted Thinking (Ti): C-3PO has a limited ability to bring up logic when it would help his situation; he acts as his own salesman to Owen and explains why – rationally – he would be a good choice to work on a moisture farm.  However, he is usually reluctant to think independently, especially when called to do something that goes against his programming.


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