Bucky Barnes: ESTP

Guest Post by Kerissa, INFJ

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Bucky Barns - The Winter Soldier ESTP | Marvel #MBTI #ESTP

Se: On his last night before leaving for the war, Bucky chooses to go to a science exposition, a busy place full of lights and noises and people, and plans on going dancing afterwards. He has no visible emotional attachment to his date in this scene, he does this for the delight of doing something. When Steve rescues him from the POW camp, Bucky immediately notices he’s changed, saying, “I thought you were smaller.” Bucky is very physical in his friendships: he initiates hugs with Steve, puts his arm around his shoulder, and pushes him to get his attention. As he breaks through his brainwashing in the vault scene in Winter Soldier, his memories come back as various sensory experiences and images.

Bucky Barns - The Winter Soldier ESTP | Marvel #MBTI #ESTP

Ti: Bucky tends to shy away from emotional discussions, usually using jokes, such as pointing out that Steve will be the last eligible man in New York. When he does show verbal warmth (“That little guy from Brooklyn … I’m following him”) he quickly changes the subject and the mood with, “You’re keeping the outfit, right?” Although the ‘take charge’ person before going off to war (example: arranging the double date), he never butts heads with Steve once Steve becomes Captain America, the leader of the missions. As the Winter Soldier, after recognizing Steve on the bridge, he tries to reason through why he recognizes him. Even in his brainwashed state, he can see that Alexander Peirce’s statement about meeting him earlier that week can’t be the full story. He doesn’t give reasons why he “knew him” but insists he did.

Bucky Barns - The Winter Soldier ESTP | Marvel #MBTI #ESTP

Fe: He’s the ladies’ man, the charmer. He’s able to secure a blind date for Steve. He flirts with Peggy Carter. He’s bothered by Steve’s disregard for the law in lying on his enlistment forms and his picking fights, but doesn’t push him much on it. On the double date, he makes an effort to include Steve, turning to ask him about taking the girls dancing. He spends his last night at home by going on a date with a girl never mentioned before or again, less focused on his own personal relationships and connections and more the experience as a whole.

Bucky Barns - The Winter Soldier ESTP | Marvel #MBTI #ESTP

Ni: He has a tendency to speak metaphorically at times: when Steve asks if he’s ready to follow Captain America, he replies with, “Oh no. That little guy from Brooklyn … I’m following him.” He reacts without thinking about the consequences, such as picking up Captain America’s shield and advancing on the enemy, which leads to him being blown out of the train.

Author’s Note: I tried to only use examples from The First Avenger, since Bucky is brainwashed through all of Winter Soldier, not acting on his own violation, plans, or natural instinct. The ones I did use were scenes where he was breaking through his programming, when he was becoming himself again. Even when he does break through, though, he’ll be in an upset state, not necessarily using the functions most natural to him.

Also, up until now, Bucky has not had much character development outside of how he relates to Steve. This makes his introverted functions harder to find examples for because he exists for another character, not for himself.


21 thoughts on “Bucky Barnes: ESTP

  1. Let’s hope we see a bit more of Bucky’s actual character in the coming film. By the way, quick note for the author, I turned in a submission for a character and want to know if you received it, since I have had problems with submitting things in the past. Thank you and if there are any major things you would like me to work on for the next submission, be sure to let me know.


      • When I asked if there was anything major I should work on, I meant it in terms of things to be careful of in my next typing, not enough detail, important instances I didn’t reference, etc. I understand the mistake though. I will try to have another character typed for some time next week.


        • Oh, got it. More detail is always better – if you do too much, I can cut it out easily, but too little and I have to write more, send it back to you, or not publish it.

          The main things to very carefully avoid are stereotypes – and I have a guide on that as well that you can look at.


        • I will not have another character typing ready for this week or for quite a while, mainly due to the fact that the school semester will soon be coming to a close for me, and this is the time when the essays come in. Also, the typing I turned in last Sabbath hasn’t been published yet so I didn’t think it would be good to add in another one so soon. Once Summer break comes, I will try to guest post much more often. Hope that you are getting better and that you will soon discover what is wrong.


        • Don’t be worried if your typing doesn’t show up right away. Part of it is because I’m behind on going through the submissions.

          Good luck on your finals!


  2. Ooh he’s dreamy…
    ESTP, you say. I really hope my overwhelming sense of attraction to Bucky isn’t connected to the predominance of the ESTP type amongst the men in my family, namely my own father, among others. That makes it kind of weird. :O


      • I know the feeling, Kerissa :-) I mean, it’s kind of hard NOT to. The only person I would scream louder for is Cap himself.


        • Somebody go incapacitate Tony Stark for me so poor Bucky can be left in peace from now on.


        • Actually, CW was the movie that made me really like Stark. Even tho he’s not right in the ending fight, I think I would have done the same thing in his place. But yes, get Bucky some place safe!


        • But that’s the problem with Stark . . . He’s “not right” practically ALL THE TIME, and yet he still seems to consider himself basically infallible. That’s why he’s so dangerous. (And annoying.)

          I do understand how he felt in the ending fight, of course; I think it’s more his general conduct throughout the whole of CW which irritates me.


        • I can see that. He didn’t irritate me in CW because I saw it as him admitting that he’s fallible, and how sick he is of having the responsibility of saving the world on his shoulders. I saw it as him grasping at the most immediate chance to ‘get out’ of that responsibility because of how often he’s messed up in the past. He wants to be done.



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