Orochimaru: ENTP


(was that really necessary?)


Orochimaru ENTP | Naruto #MBTI #ENTP

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Orochimaru, as you may know ,is a mad scientist who was expelled out of his village for killing and experimenting on villagers(dead or alive). His goal, as he once said was to “attain the knowledge of all Jutsus (techniques) that existed and could ever exist,” the only way to do it was to attain immortality (of course, duh!). Orochimaru is a person who sees possibilities and likes to focus on them as he chooses Sasuke to be his new body (and once even Kakashi). He likes to invent new techniques and use them in a fight rather than using the old classical ones that everyone uses. In the series (that lasted 15 years), he hardly (once) uses the conventional Jutsus that literally everyone else uses. All the Jutsus he uses are invented by himself (well with the weird snake power he has.) Hence he seems like a person who likes looking at new possibilities and finding creative ways to implement them.

Orochimaru ENTP | Naruto #MBTI #ENTP

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Despite his sort of ‘unstable’ mind, Orochimaru is very good at problem solving. He is very good at sensing faults and inconsistencies of a Jutsu or style. He could find the fault in the second Hokage’s incomplete Jutsu of reviving dead people and fix it,which everyone across the land of fire failed to do. He is good at figuring out the opponents’ weakness just by watching his chakra style(s). His strategic genius was admired by Hanzo of the salamander, who was himself a genius.

Orochimaru ENTP | Naruto #MBTI #ENTP

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Orochimaru can understand the feeling of other people or of the masses very well (that explains his ability to manipulate people). while he may not be perfectly in tune with his own inner emotions,he knows exactly what someone else wants and exploits it for his selfish and evil (“evil” is relative) motives. He clearly understands the motivations of Sasuke Uchiha (to kill his brother) and convinces him to come and train under him (Orochimaru) so eventually he (Orochimaru) could take over his body. He also has a bunch dumb smart guys working under him who are a clear proof of his diplomatic manipulation of people and how he plays with their feelings.

Orochimaru ENTP | Naruto #MBTI #ENTP

Introverted Sensing (Si): being his least dominant function,he is not shown using it much. He relies on his efficient spy system to gather information about his enemy. Even Sasori’s spy is a spy who actually works for Orochimaru. Thus he gets information and uses it to plan his attack. He hardly uses this function in his day to day activities.


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  1. Seeing NeTi writing on this blog is a very bizzare experience :)
    I have an ENTP colleague, and philosophical disputes with him drain every bit of energy from me, but in this case it’s more FiTe vs TiFe.

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  2. My oldest brother is an ENTP, so I can definitely relate to this. His Ne can be a bit bewildering/exhausting for me (since I use Ni), but it also stimulates me to come up with more new ideas myself.


      • Ha! Same here. It’s fun to be around high-order Se users for a period of time because they get me to do stuff I wouldn’t otherwise do–but I can only take so much of it before I’m like, “that’s it, I have to go recharge now.”


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