Dr. Owen Harper: ISTP


Owen Harper ISTP | Torchwood #MBTI #ISTP

Dominant Introverted Thinking (Ti): Owen Harper is analytical and detached. He is quick to make judgements that allow him to jump into action before most people have finished sizing up a situation. Owen doesn’t hesitate to poke fun at stupid comments or illogical suggestions. He doesn’t often share his thoughts with others. When he needs to think through something, he retreats to somewhere that he can be away from his friends.

Owen Harper ISTP | Torchwood #MBTI #ISTP

Auxiliary Extraverted Sensing (Se): Dr. Harper is a natural improviser who relies on in-the-moment insights to jump into action without warning. When Owen dies and becomes a dead man walking, the thing he hates most is his loss of the physical (sleep, feeling and sex, he says). Owen is often left at the mercy of his sensuality. He enjoys casual sexual relationships and has a hard time not acting on sexual desires. He lives in the present, never talks about the past and cares most about what he can do now to improve the future. When asked not to engage in physical combat, he does it anyway. Owen is calm even with a gun pointed at his head. Owen deals with present problems before trying to move on to the consequences of solving those problems.

Owen Harper ISTP | Torchwood #MBTI #ISTP

Tertiary Introverted Intuition (Ni): Owen is always the guy who interrupts a panicked conversation to say “I’ve got an idea,” at which point, he presents a working solution. He’s able to foresee dangers that even Jack doesn’t notice and will go against his colleagues to try to prevent them. Owen is good at figuring out how new alien technology works. He doesn’t dwell much on other people’s viewpoints, but prefers to weigh his logical options to devise a course of action.

Owen Harper ISTP | Torchwood #MBTI #ISTP

Inferior Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Owen’s feelings about any situation are always clear. If he hates the countryside, everyone knows it. If he likes a woman, everyone knows it. If he wants to die, everyone knows it. Owen can often be cold towards others, and doesn’t have a firm understanding of his own feelings. He drowns his suffering by turning to outward solutions, be it sex, suicide or simply complaining.


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