Acting Style and MBTI Recap

Ryse Hart asked: Hey could you do a collective post about acting style and type? Like, are there certain types that make better actors?

Be right on it. (See original post series here)

No, I don’t think there’s a specific MBTI type that makes better actors than others, although there are certain types that are significantly less/more likely to pursue acting as a career.

In terms of acting style, you will often times see younger actors playing characters that share their personality (and not always doing it well). For instance, Emma Watson, when she started out was a young ESTJ playing Hermione Granger, who’s also an ESTJ.

Also, I just had to share this. It’s too funny (click on it if your eyes aren’t as good as mine).


Christian Bale played a lot of xSTPs as a kid (albeit he was a lot better at it than Emma Watson), and he’s an ISTP.

I’ve also noticed Emma Stone playing a number of xNFJ characters (she’s an ENFJ).

Russell Crowe is an INTJ, who plays an awful lot of IxTJ characters.

What’s interesting about all three of these examples is that they’re all fantastic actors/actresses, and though they do play a lot of characters that share their type, they also branch out extensively to play characters all over the MBTI spectrum.

What I’m always fascinated by, however, are the actors who go down in history as famous for a single role (that role sharing their MBTI type). One example could be Daniel Craig, whom pretty much everyone knows as James Bond (both ISTPs).

Then of course, you get the actors who play their opposites. For instance, Benedict Cumberbatch is an ESFP, but ends up playing a large number of IxTJ characters who are completely different from himself. This always fascinates me, but to be perfectly honest, I classify that particular example as a case of INTJ fetish.

Another thing that interests me is seeing actors who have no consistent character-type pattern, such as Tom Hiddleston (but then, we don’t exactly have his early career recorded on screen for us because it was mostly stage work –yet even that tells us something because they were typically Shakespeare characters).

That’s all for now. I’m tired.

4 thoughts on “Acting Style and MBTI Recap

  1. Yeah, that screencap is funny. Like, what? Watson is more likely an STJ.

    Have you found any connection between mbti types and singing styles? Maybe that one has less of a connection because singing style is more closely linked to one’s physical vocal anatomy, but in casting for musicals and cartoons, there is still some connection between voice type and the character’s traits.

    The “belty” singing style fits well with Se and Fi, and the more mellow, sweet singing style with Si and Fe. And coloratura (runs, trills, leaps) fits well with Ne.


  2. I really like this post! The only thing is that after reading a Q and A transcript with Benedict Cumberbatch done earlier this year, he said he does not relate to Sherlock (when asked if he is like Sherlock). He said, “On paper there are very few similarities… Huge differences. Massive differences.” In addition, he stated, “It evolves when I’m playing it. I become much more similar to him.” I think there is a difference between “I am” and “I become.” My personal hypothesis is that he picks INTJ characters for the challenge of bringing them to life, not because he relates to them. However, I do understand why you would reach your conclusions and respect your opinion.


      • Since I tend to focus on specific subjects for long periods of time, these kinds of comments just sort of happen. In addition, being like “most people” can be quite tiresome anyway. I was just bringing up a different perspective; I did not mean to expect you to be updated.


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