How to Test Accurately

MMR asked: The whole Myer-Briggs Theory is interesting but how does one know if it is accurate. I have taken the test multiple times over the past year to be sure of my type. I was typed each time as an INTJ; I however am afraid I am being biased, trying to be original, or just answering the same way from memory. In reading the other types it is easy to find small traits to identify with in all INxx types. I strongly agree with most typing a for INTJ and feel, if I can say that, that it is my personality type. Wanting to be sure, my question to you is, how does one know if they are being biased when typing themselves?

That’s a good question, and one that I can’t teach you the answer to. I can however, give you a starting place to learn from.

  • Do your answers to the questions match up with your behaviour?
  • In other words, are you answering questions about who you are, rather than who you’d like to be?
  • Do you fully understand the question that is being asked?
  • Are you answering ‘yes’ on questions that only occasionally apply to you?

In general –and I have stressed this time and time again– I suggest not trusting the test as your guide to MBTI. READ. LEARN. INTROSPECT. That is the only way to know yourself.


8 thoughts on “How to Test Accurately

  1. So… I did a test, and it gave me an INTJ. But sometimes I think I’m not an INTJ, mainly because after I started reading about it, I LIKED my personality, and I’m afraid that I kinda reject to be classified of another type. I also know that MBTI doesn’t tells the intelligence of someone, but it’s already fixed in my brain and I kinda forget it sometimes… I would like to know a way to really know my personality, I agree with a lot of the INTJ-A personality description, but some of the descritption doesn’t fits. Really loved your site, you write really well in a easy way to understand.
    Obs.: I’m not from USA, I’m from Brazil. Muitas vezes eu não comentava porque não queria cometer erros de gramática, mas nesse blog eu simplesmente PRECISAVA comentar…
    Waiting for the answer.


    • I think the important thing is to learn how to be honest with yourself on a deep level and to base your type in knowledge of the MBTI theory rather than what any test has told you.


  2. I’m confsed with the mbti. I constantly miss type as an entp, entj and intj but I know I get my energy from being alone so I must be an “I” but when I take a cognitive functions test I get INFJ but I never seem to understand the questions they ask.I can’t tell which one I am, I just get stressed thinking about it too much.


  3. What about deppression? How do you introspect properly if you have suffered long term deppression?


    • That’s a tough question, and I doubt it can be easily answered in a comment. Introspecting “properly” is also completely different from being honest with oneself – and very few people are completely honest with themselves.

      I’m not entirely sure what your question is in the context of this post, but if you could clarify it a bit, I’d be happy to answer to the best of my ability.


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