How the MBTI types Survive an Apocalypse

Read this. I swear you will laugh. If you want a more serious response, I can always do that too, but this is hilarious.

Post-Apolcalyptic Survival by Type


17 thoughts on “How the MBTI types Survive an Apocalypse

  1. I noticed that on the Apocolypse website, the NTs and NFs were grouped together, which really makes no sense. XNFPs have completely different functions than XNFJs, the same with XNTPs and XNTJs. What are your thoughts about people who group the functions in that way and if there is any sort of truth to it?


    • I think it is because the website wanted to simplify MBTI for beginners. Grouping personalities based on their second and third letters are very common on those websites. However, the main component of this is that people recognize a similar yet general trait between the NFs, the NTs, etc. To them, all of the NFs share an idealistic view of the world and the NTs have a rational view. The website is not about how functions interact with each other. The function analysis can be considered unapproachable because it can be difficult for the general audience to understand.


      • If that is their intent, than unless they are completely unaware of the functions themselves, they should group NJs and NPs together instead of NTs and NFs. Also, quick note, how is it possible for types that have completely different functions to be viewed as similar in their actions? An ENTJ will act completely different than an ENTP, and yet the website thinks them similar. Just how similar can the actions of two types be if they share no functions? Just a question.


        • I think, Elizabeth, it really goes down to generalization of thought process. It goes back to not basing analysis off the functions. It is not about Ni vs Ne, Si vs Se, Ti vs Te, and Fi vs Fe. It is about general vs specific. The website is all about Intuition, Sensing, Thinking, and Feeling in general without further subdivisions. The assumption made on the website is that Intuitive Thinkers go together and Intuitive Feelers go together; general intuition is the similarity and general thinking vs general feeling is the difference.


    • It’s probably just simpler for the person to group the types according to the letters than the functions. If he/she were to group them by function, he/she would have a lot more explaining to do for readers who are less familiar with MBTI.


    • She had this to say about the functions in her FAQ:

      What’s your problem with the cognitive functions?

      There’s no evidence that they exist, but there is evidence that they don’t, and there are few agreed upon definitions for them. The pseudoscience is like an itch I can’t scratch, staring at me from every type website and forum. It makes me feel like scrawling “the cognitive functions are a lie, the cognitive functions are a lie, the cognitive functions are a lie” over and over and over on the nearest wall.


      • Most of the evidence she presents against the functions is unsatisfactory at best, and the functions definitely make typing much easier and more accurate, but that is why she doesn’t use them.

        As for the groupings, that actually seems to be a fairly common system. Not everyone calls the groupings the same, but the groups themselves are common. 16personalities uses them under different names. I personally don’t think they are a good idea (though the NTs are fairly similar in a lot of ways when compared to the others, and I suspect the NFs are, too, though I have less experience with them), especially with the SPs and SJs. The SPs may all have a high level Se, but ISTPs are definitely not nearly as thrill seeking and “fun” oriented as, say, ESFPs (my dad is an ISTP, and he still occasionally insists that he’s an INTJ, though a lot of that has to do with him being forced to develop his tertiary Ni and suppress his already inferior Fe due to various childhood/youth circumstances). Same kind of thing for the SJs.


        • I agree with Olorim’s comments applied to SJs. I have not met many mature ESFJs and I have difficulties relating to them. My mom is an ESTJ and we get along well. We tend to have arguments when her Te tries to control my actions. In my personal experience, I have gotten along very well with all kinds of ISTJs. My interactions with each SJ has always been different and disagreed with grouping them.


  2. I would be very interested in hearing what YOU think about each type’s reaction to the Z.A. would be. Some INTJ practicality would be nice in place of the gibberish I read there.


    • Well, I didn’t post this in response to a question anybody asked, but if you would like to ask one, I do have a section for that.

      I merely posted this because I found the humour entertaining and wanted to share it with my readers. I had no intention of anybody finding a practical use for it.


      • I understand that; your intentions in that regard are quite clear to me. I just got a bit annoyed(?) at how irrational some of the stuff they put there is. Honestly, a healthy INTP wouldn’t at all think in the way that they were indicating. My brain doesn’t appreciate humor when it’s inacurate.


        • The author is an INTP with INTP family members, and I don’t think she’s terribly worried about losing them to internet uploads. ;) She’s written (mostly non-sarcastic) ebooks on INTJs and INTPs, and her portrayals of them there are nothing like the portrayals of them in the Apocalypse ebook. She doesn’t do cognitive functions, but she tries to avoid stereotypes. Her more serious writing is based on MBTI-based studies, and she bases most of what she writes on statistics. The Apocalypse ebook is an intentional joke.


  3. I am familiar with the website and have read almost all the stories for each type. Just how much stock do you yourself actually but into the stories, do you really think each type would act this way in that sort of situation? Can you see yourself playing the role the INTJ in the story is given? All in all, a more serious answer would also be good, preferably with examples of when characters of each type actually acted the way you believe their type would. Thank you for making such an interesting website.


  4. Looks interesting but I wish I could download say 10-25% of it to without going through a cart system to see if I really want it, or maybe just an excerpt or two. Otherwise, it’s a black box and I can’t tell if I really want it or not.



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