Mickey Smith: ISFP

Doctor Who

Mickey Smith ISFP | Doctor Who #MBTI #ISFP

Dominant Introverted Feeling (Fi): Mickey has an independent streak that drives him to want to be useful. He has a strong desire to help other people and stays with Rose even as he watches her fall away from him. Even as Rose and the Doctor grow closer and Rose farther from Mickey, he doesn’t hate them or even express much anger towards them. Instead, he tags along and tries to help out. He even encourages them. Though he’s quiet about his feelings, he’s deeply sensitive and hurt when other people reject him. Mickey acts according to whatever feels right to him and determines right and wrong for himself rather than differing to other people’s opinions.

Mickey Smith ISFP | Doctor Who #MBTI #ISFP

Auxiliary Extraverted Sensing (Se): After joining the rebels in the alternate universe, it doesn’t take Mickey to jump into the fight against the cybermen. He takes advantage of opportunities as they come and is often more likely to come up with a course of action than Rose. Mickey likes to improvise (“I don’t know what’s in there, but I’m ready for it.”) When it when it comes to providing solutions to problems, he always goes for the most immediate option available.

Mickey Smith ISFP | Doctor Who #MBTI #ISFP

Tertiary Introverted Intuition (Ni): When Mickey figures out what he wants, nobody and nothing can change his mind. He wants his life to mean something and devotes himself entirely to the causes that are important to him. He’s fairly intuitive about what other people think and feel and is able to change his behaviour to meet their needs. He’s not great at recognising the big picture and it takes Sarah Jane for him to recognise his “Tin Dog” role.

Mickey Smith ISFP | Doctor Who #MBTI #ISFP

Inferior Extraverted Thinking (Te): Mickey hates the idea of being the “Tin Dog,” or being useless. Mickey isn’t very good at organising people until he gets some practice at it. Instead, he tends to be more of a tag-along, allowing Rose and the Doctor to play the lead. He often thinks out loud. Mickey may not be astronomically knowledgeable, but he’s analytical and good with computers.


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