Amanda Palmer: ENFP

Amanda Palmer ENFP | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #ENFP

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Amanda Palmer doesn’t like to exclude possibilities when she gives explanations and she tends to be accepting of most every type of art she comes across. She sees potential in most everyone and doesn’t believe in tearing other people down with hate or words. She places strong value on maintaining a positive attitude and enjoying the art she creates. She believes that art is different for everyone and that it ought to be interpreted individually. She collaborates mainly with other artists who dwell in the same general artistic realm as herself.

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Introverted Feeling (Fi): Palmer is prone to miniature breakdowns and often does drastic things when overwhelmed –like shaving all the hair off of her entire body in her 20s. Amanda Palmer needs and craves attention as is evident in the fact that she frequently strips for attention (and openly admits that’s why she does it). There are few other artists that she hates, and when asked how she manages not to hate Rebecca Black, she responded, “because it doesn’t feel good to hate Rebecca Black.” At the same time, she loves to talk about herself –she could literally go on for decades. She needs a few close friends to build her up and keep her positive.

Amanda Palmer ENFP | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #ENFP

Extraverted Thinking (Te): Amanda Palmer often says things that are blunt and offensive to others, but would never knowingly hurt somebody’s feelings. She is simply so caught up in her own feelings that it doesn’t occur to her that her words could be interpreted offensively.  She tends to be a bit messy and disorganised, but prefers a life of minimalism. Though most people seem to ignore it, she’s quite intelligent. She’s very independent, even in marriage.

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Introverted Sensing (Si): Palmer ‘s songs often carry sentimental vibes, picture from childhood or the past. When it comes to clothing and personal belongings, she’s quite practical and minimalist (albeit artistic and showy). Rather than keeping an entire wardrobe, she typically keeps only a few clothing items and wears them until they run ragged.


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  1. It seems to me that ENFPs and INFPs would relate to each other in terms of thought process. I make this comment because Amanda is married to Neil Gaiman, an INFP.


      • I definitely agree with your point. I guess it really depends on who you meet. For example, I met an INFP and I thought, “Cool, I have not met one before.” However, this person turned out to be unhealthy because their Si and Te were not developed well. So yes, I do believe a lot of MBTI is about one’s perceptions.


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