How do I know so many literary figures?

“Just out of curiosity, how do you know all these literary figures so well?”

Simple answer: I’m studying English at university.

It’s also why I have a better understanding of character motivations than most typists out there.

Lets just say…I have a small obsession with understanding human nature (and by small, I mean INTJ small…so really big on most people’s scales).


One thought on “How do I know so many literary figures?

  1. It must be fun to be an English Major. I tried to study my native language. It simply didn’t interest me enough so I dropped out. I ended up on a really bad “literary science” and found the teacher a sexist male pig. I honestly thought about dropping out becasue he made fun of me and my objective reasoning about vampires, but then I wrote him an angry essay telling him all the facts in the bloody study material in a manner that forced him to give me an A even if he didn’t like me. I’m good at writing stuff no one can penetrate and I know this so of course I use it. I also know that I put my name on everything I write. So if you think you know me. Yeah. Hi.


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