Itachi Uchiha: INTJ

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Itachi Uchiha INTJ | Naruto #MBTI #INTJ

Dominant Ni: Itachi had a singular vision, an objective to achieve. He even went as far as to plan his own death for it. Always seen as a genius ninja and a prodigy, he kept to himself in his adolescence. He often talked about philosophical subjects with his partner Kisame (ESTP, so he didn’t understand him often), showing his deep interest in abstract fields. He has often acted with very long term visions in ways other characters very rarely understood.

Itachi INTJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENTJ

Auxiliary Te: Itachi had the ability to think quickly and on his feet. Considered one of the greatest ninja in the Naruto world, he could analyse others techniques and swiftly invent effective counters exploiting its weaknesses. When he was fighting with Nagato he easily discovered the weakness of one of the greatest techniques that existed, Planetary Destruction. He managed to plan off his whole life till his death in a few minutes when he had to.

Itachi INTJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENTJ

Tertiary Fi: Always in conflict with his feelings, itachi preferred not to show them to the outside world. He used his love for his brother as a driving force to keep him on his path. He did not usually take other’s feelings into consideration but he did to act in the direction his feelings took him; inclined towards helping his brother he spared his life and became an outcast when he was ordered to kill off his own clan.

Itachi INTJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENTJ

Inferior Se: Itachi was a skilled fighter and could compete with the very best of ninjas, including a Dominant Se Kisame. He is shown to have very high skill with various weapons. Although not very often shown(I am not very certain), Itachi was fond of cooking.

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  1. Ele pensa rápido porque ele é um gênio e tem um QI alto. Se você estudar as funções direito e comparar com ele, você vai ver que ele é INFJ.


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