Ianto Jones: ISFJ


Ianto Jones ISFJ | Torchwood #MBTI #ISFJ

Dominant Introverted Sensing (Si): Ianto has an eye for the archaic, be it pocket watches, 1920s films or Jack’s coat. He also tends to rely on old fashioned methods for doing things, such as timing events with a pocket watch rather than a computer. He’s terrified by the thought that when he dies, Jack might eventually forget him. Ianto is able to memorise information on the spot and is able to recall it off the cuff when nobody else can remember it. Of the Torchwood folk, Ianto has the toughest time coping with major changes in life. He has a practical approach to solving problems and often spots obvious solutions that other people don’t think of because they’re subconsciously complicating situations more than they have to.

Ianto Jones ISFJ | Torchwood #MBTI #ISFJ

Auxiliary Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Ianto is hyperaware of other people’s feelings and typically puts others before himself. He is quick to forgive, slow to anger and will fight desperately for anything/anyone he loves. He always knows when Jack is upset and takes the time to talk through his feelings with him. His own feelings remain unspoken most of the time simply because he’s so introverted, but when they burst out, he can’t control them at all. Ianto keeps a regular journal. He prefers traditional values, which is why he’s fine with being open about his relationship with Jack at Torchwood, but incredibly embarrassed when it gets out to the public.

Ianto Jones ISFJ | Torchwood #MBTI #ISFJ

Tertiary Introverted Thinking (Ti): Ianto is very good at analysing information and piecing minimal clues together to come to conclusions. He relies on an internal store of information rather than gathering the facts. He absorbs details like no one else, and while other people are staring at an event, he’s recording it on camera or writing it down. He’s better at analysing information than he is at coming up with plans and strategies to use the information. Ianto likes things to run smoothly (which is his job) and doesn’t appreciate it when Jack disappears out of nowhere without an explanation. Ianto is a man of few words and chooses them carefully before he speaks.

Ianto Jones ISFJ | Torchwood #MBTI #ISFJ

Inferior Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Ianto asks loads of “what if?” questions. When he doesn’t understand something, he always asks. His conclusions about future events are typically wrong, but he’s good at throwing possibilities out there when called for. He’s able to figure out when two pieces of information are connected, but can’t always explain why.


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