The Gentleman with the Thisteldown Hair

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Suzanna Clark

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell MBTI | Gentleman ESFP

Extraverted Sensing (Se): The Gentleman is rather impulsive and can sometimes be talked out of murder. Sometimes (do not count on this). He likes to butt his head into the thick of things other people’s business. He’s aware of the physical environment in a decadent sort of way, and is drawn to Steven Black for his worldly qualities. He takes advantage of opportunities to immerse himself in new environments, including the lives of humans (which he claims to find so BORING…). He lives in the moment and doesn’t always consider the consequences of his actions. He often assumes he knows the consequences of other people’s actions, but is usually wrong, which doesn’t necessarily have a good outcome for him (SeNi).

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell MBTI | Gentleman ESFP

Introverted Feeling (Fi): The Gentleman is often overly sensitive, but often quite disregards other people’s feelings and needs. His mood changes quickly, swinging from one pendulum extreme to another in seconds. The Gentleman likes to think himself helpful, but doesn’t always consider what it is that people need before he takes it on himself to help them. As a result, all the “help” he gives to Steven Black actually makes the servant miserable. The Gentleman’s sense of morality is based purely within himself, such that he cannot understand human ethics at all. He is the king of egotists (“Any reasoning that did not contain a reference to himself was always difficult for him to follow.”)

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell MBTI | Gentleman ESFP

Extraverted Thinking (Te):  The Gentleman isn’t a great logician by human standards. He often fails to make logical conclusions between the things that his Ni picks up on. He expresses affection by doing things for people (namely by casting spells and enchantments on them). He can be scatterbrained, but has no trouble with leadership. I mean, hey, he’s in charge of plenty of kingdoms in Faerie. He’s a firm believer in immediate rewards and enjoys using magic to give Steven Black the same instant pleasures that he has as a faerie.

Gentleman ESFP | Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell #MBTI  #ISTJ #ENFP

Introverted Intuition (Ni): The Gentleman has a very specific vision of what he wants long-term, and he goes after it strategically. The Gentleman has a talent for seeing all the bad qualities in other people while not recognising any of his own weaknesses. He often scorns people’s height, fashion or manners. Yet, he doesn’t understand social conventions and often mistakes human habits as insults. He likes to play games with people and is completely convinced that they enjoy them just as much as he does. The Gentleman is a bit obsessive –stalker obsessive.

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  1. Is he still an ESFP in the miniseries? He seems much less impulsive there, and less… immersed in the world (he dissapointed me in the series, he was so interesting in the book!)


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