Character Queue on Hold…

Just a heads up that the character queue may be put on hold temporarily in the near future.

The reason for this are simple.

I have too many questions in my inbox that need answering, and they take longer than characters. If I neglect the questions for too long, they will never get answered because I will keep putting it off forever, so I’m focusing mostly on those for the time being.

Speaking of which, may I just compliment you all on your fantastic questions? I’ve been quite surprised at the depth and intellectuality of the content of the questions that pop up in my inbox and I’m having a ball answering them. Thank you all for gracing the world with your curiosity. It gives me hope for humanity (which I usually don’t have), so pat yourselves on the back.

In general, I get the idea that the majority of my readership consists of decently intelligent people, which is all I could have asked for (and why I didn’t put this blog on tumblr instead).

Also — there will likely be a transient lapse in blog posts as a whole during and after finals. This is standard protocol. We know this, but I’m reminding you just so that I don’t get anyone freaking out thinking I’m dead.

Which I very well might be –at the same time, there aren’t any windows in my university’s testing centre to jump out of, so don’t count on it.