MBTI School Subject Stereotypes

“Could you do some of the stereotypical school subjects each type might be likely to have interest in?”

ENTJ: business, law

INTJ: chemistry, physics

ENTP: computer science

INTP: philosophy, maths

ENFJ: history

INFJ: english, psychology

ENFP: sociology, psychology

INFP: english, art

ESTJ: maths, accounting, law

ISTJ: maths

ESTP: PE, sports

ISTP: physics, sports

ESFJ: foreign languages, exercise science

ISFJ: home economics

ESFP: Acting, performance arts

ISFP: art

2 thoughts on “MBTI School Subject Stereotypes

  1. That is actually suprisingly accurate. I checked my closest friends and family and I’m still disturbed by the fact that we are so predictable human beings.



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