Elsa – Frozen: ISTJ


Si: Elsa is perpetually in a self-made cage haunted by the past. Even after she professes to having “let it go” she’s really still holding on to it. Elsa is afraid of what her people will think of her for being different and practices social graces with astute determination to try to hide it. She is often so detail oriented that she fails to recognise the big-picture implications of current events as well as her own actions. For instance –freezing the entire kingdom goes beyond her notice because she’s so focused in on the minute details of her own circumstance. She has the tendency to make assumptions about circumstances and people before she’s reviewed all the evidence and to stick to those beliefs until undeniable evidence slaps her in the face.

Te: Elsa is a person who knows how to take action (except when overcome by her emotions). As soon as the people discover her secret, she doesn’t hesitate to weigh out the details (she’s already done that); she runs. She’s good at finding the most immediate rational solution and then jumping on it before it’s too late. At times, her emotions can overwhelm her, making her unable to utilise this great skill of hers, and she simply does nothing, or acts without thinking carefully.

Fi: Elsa keeps her suffering a secret for years, and is reluctant to talk about it even after it’s out in the open. Her emotions can make her irrational in stressful situations, but rather than expressing them in words, they burst forth in her actions (sometimes surprising even herself). Elsa dislikes feeling controlled or stifled, and would rather bear solitude as a sort of freedom than endure company while in a cage. She’s not very good at understanding other people’s motivations or emotions, thus her firm reluctance to ignore everything her sister says to try to convince her to come back. Of course, this is also due to her firm moral aversion to putting people in danger when there’s a possibility of preventing it.

Ne: Elsa’s intuitive side is rather weak (which is another reason I can’t understand why people think she’s INTJ). Her assumptions about people and situations under stress are not usually accurate, and she’s not particularly good at predicting the future. Instead, she catastrophizes, thinking up all the worst outcomes as inevitable facts, while ignoring all the positive possibilities. Furthermore, she doesn’t have firm beliefs in a good future for herself.

Frozen. Gross.

I’ve seen Elsa frequently typed as an INTJ, but typically by people who stereotype all distant-T-types as INTJs. Elsa is way too obsessed with her past to be an INTJ. Se users don’t really look back all that much.

Elsa is the most Si character ever to Si.

10 thoughts on “Elsa – Frozen: ISTJ

  1. Jennifer back…Ah yes…the ‘special snowflake’ that every types as INFJ due to that very same syndrome ;) OH YES she’s the most Si Disney character ever to Si for sure. I see one more post typing her as INFJ and I’ll scream. As an INTJ myself (at least the best I’ve been able to descern with my current but still somewhat lacking knowledge), I know a fellow Ni user when I see one, so INTJ hardly makes anymore sense than INFJ does.
    Now…granted she’s a she’s a hard one to type right…sort of. She’s Si Dom for sure, but I wonder if she would be if she weren’t TAUGHT this by her parents. If she weren’t taught to be afraid of herself, would she be Si? We’ll never know obviously, but I’ve always gotten the impression, who we see is not who she REALLY is, thanks parent caused irrational depression, and anxiety disorders.
    I’ve also never gotten the impression that she’s such a duty fulfiller, you even mention she uses these ‘duties and social graces’ merely to keep up her facade, not that she actually WANTS to. She’d rather be herself than rule if given the choice. Again, I’m sure is a stereotype, but, I’ve never seen her as all that comfortable with always following rules and duty fulfilling like the normal ISTJ would. She seems to make decision via emotions and feelings, rather than T.
    HOWEVER…another reason, why she’s harder to type than most people think, is that, to type correctly, we have to see how people are in a saner sense of mind. Elsa is in anything BUT a sane sense of mind almost the whole movie. She’s always in such a stage of high emotion, and we all know as the old saying goes, we all do and say things we normally wouldn’t in those states of mind, so how can we type correctly?
    Problem is, as a charatcer that isn’t fleshed out too well (let’s be real, the writing and character development is less than stellar, actor here) she’s open to quite a lot of interpretation…hence mistyping. But she’s totally Si Dom. That’s absolute for sure.


  2. LMAO everyone who types her as ISTJ are shallow idiots who can’t see past her outer shell and understand the caring, passionate woman that lies within.


  3. She must be an ISFJ then cause when the stressors are gone and her superego is relaxed in her ice palace, she turns into an ESFP.


  4. Do you dislike the movie because of this miss-typing, or is there another reason for the phrase at the beginning of the footnote?


    • I find the movie rather annoying due to the fact that my little brothers and cousins forced me to watch it 10 million times in a row (slight exaggeration). It has nothing to do with miss-typings. If I didn’t like shows due to miss-typings, I probably wouldn’t enjoy any entertainment at all…



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