My Favourite Types

“Hi, I don’t mean to put you on the spot by making you pick favourites, but do you, in all honesty have favourite types (aside from other INTJs of course)?”

I would love to be that person who doesn’t have favourites, but if I told you that, I’d be lying, and I never lie, so here’s the truth.

I’ve never met or interacted in person with another INTJ, which is the very reason that they tend to be my favourite fictional characters. When you have no one like yourself other than fictional characters to relate to, you’re going to pick those characters as your favourites.

Other MBTI-types typically get the chance to interact with people who’s brains function the same way theirs does, so they are better able to find a sense of belonging. They can relate to other people. That aside, here are my top 5 favourite MBTI types other than INTJs (in no particular order).


If my INTP friends get ideas, I’m in –with…a bit of plan-revising of course, to um…you know, make sure there’s actually a plan…

INTPs and INTJs tend to get on very well, mostly because we both like to think in theoreticals and love to explore possibilities. I like to laugh internally at INTPs’ general indecisiveness, meanwhile they get to sit back and tell us to relax a little.

We’re both terrible at socialising, good at thinking, and like to solve problems. Philosophy classes are awesome when you get a debate going between an INTP and an INTJ.

At the same time, there are some INTPs or INTP-habits that I find incredibly annoying. Likewise I hate xNTPs as teachers simply because they share none of my cognitive functions.


Meeting INFJs is like meeting a super nice version of myself. We share both a dominant and an inferior function, so we’re similar in a lot of ways that no one else can understand.

Ni doms are particularly unique in their perspective of the world, so when I meet another one, I suddenly have a connection with someone –they understand me, and that’s rare. At the same time, we’re also very different. I’m always a bit more sardonic, and they’re always soft and kind, a trait I quite admire.

Yeah, fun fact: INTJs aren’t robots. The mature ones understand the importance of emotion.

INFJs seem to seek me out more than other types, to the point that you might say I have a horde of committed INFJ minions.


INFPs tend to share my rebellious non-conformist side that needs to be constantly true to itself. At the same time, they bring me more in touch with my creative side. They motivate me where many people can’t because they see potential everywhere.

I love to get them excited about ideas, because then we just start feeding off each other’s theoretical energy the way that some people feed off of dancing. INFPs make me want to draw and paint and think and write and do all the things I love with 10 times the passion that I normally do. They’re also quite fun to discuss moral relativity with.


If I couldn’t be an INTJ, I would have to say my second choice would be ISTP. I sort of admire their daredevil view of life, but I like them much better when they have a decent background in the scientific method, otherwise their Ti just gets too nonsensical for me to put up with.

I could never part with my Te. That’s just asking too much.


I have a real soft spot in my heart for ENFPs, possibly because my sister is an ENFP and I love her enormously. xNFPs have this odd ability to be deep in a childlike way (different than the way that INxJs are deep in an old-wisened way).

I like that kind of deep because it’s so innocent and young. I suppose it helps me not to feel so old among my peers. For some reason, ENFPs have the capacity to make me do un-INTJ-like things like laugh and smile. Meanwhile, if other extroverts do the exact same things as the ENFPs, it has no effect on my poker-face.

I will clarify however, that this definitely doesn’t hold true for all ENFPs –just the relevantly mature ones. Immature ENFPs…well, lets just say I’m not very good at smiling when they’re around. I am very good at playing with their gullible side. Very good at talking to them in straight faced sarcasm and treating them like they have the logic of a four year old (which I regret sometimes).


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Types

  1. I find it interesting that, being an INTJ myself, my favorite types are also the five you listed. I also really like ENTJ’s. My best friend is an INTP and our friendship has been exclusively through snail mail. We’ve been writing to each other for about eight years and have only met once; this year for the first time. People find it hard to believe we can actually get to know each other without face to face interaction, but because of our types, we both write better than we talk. ( we won’t even call each other because we both hate the phone.)



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